The Latin Grammys
August 15th, 2006 at 12:09am

grammy.jpgOk I know I’m a little late on this one.

They still have a Latin Grammys.



Now I know what you might want to say. There is a lot of great music contributed to the world, to this country in fact,?by Latin artists. They deserve recognition of this fact, and the Latin Grammys serve that purpose. Good point…

But you forget where the Latin Grammys originate from. Remember in ’99 or so when Ricky Martin couldn’t be escaped and Jennifer Lopez was an up and coming pop singer? Everyone was sure that this new Latin music trend would be the next hip hop! It was then, when Latin music was commercially huge, that the Latin Grammys started. They weren’t brought on by some sudden recognition that a whole segment of music was being neglected, but more so by the fact that Latin music was a pop trend. Which begs the question: why not just include it as categories, or within categories, of the regular Grammys? ?But we all know (obvious example: Metallica losing to?Steely Dan back in the day) that the producers are out of touch. I guess they thought this was the way to handle it! lol

The awards are?still around, though! I find that funny – remember when they first started ,you couldn’t escape this hip new awards show? Now, it’s back there with all the half assed shows which in the end I think does more disrespect to that music than anything else.

I suppose in another?way, though,?it has evolved away from the Americanized version of it’s premiere into something of it’s own. I admit THAT is cool, even if its roots are less then authentic – the REAL Latin musicians seem to have taken over. I can deal with that.