Kirk Hammett – Incredibly Disturbing Quote
July 19th, 2007 at 6:45am

saddog.jpgIn this month’s Q magazine, Kirk Hammett remembered an experience of his youth where he just happened to stumble upon his poor dog…

“The guy took down his pants and started having sex with the dog!

“I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“When he got up, I just took the dog and left.”

It was his neighbor doing this and he was 11! Now we know the inspiration for a great deal of music…


63 Comments to “Kirk Hammett – Incredibly Disturbing Quote”

  1. Murderotics says:

    thats pretty fucked up
    poor dog

  2. shoogagooagana says:

    Who the hell cares about this now? This happened when he was a kid, right? Did his therapist tell him to share this with the world. Or was it that he figured in lieu of the Michael Vick dogfighting crap (which someone should strap some meat on Michael and let his dogs and every fucking dog alive eat him, for this cruelness he is a part of) Kirk just needed to keep himself in the public eye, huh? Hey Kirk, I got a way you can do this… How about Making a Metallica album that kicks ass instead of that crap you all have been dishing out ever since the Black Album!!!

  3. shoogagooagana says:

    And just to add to this. If its a problem now for you then have John Walsh find this loser and lock him up!

  4. says:

    Maybe that is why he uses a wah pedal so much. The sound reminds him of his poor dog.

  5. Shane says:

    Disturbing isn’t the word for this. Truly sick!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    fuck your feelings kirk hammett.

  7. Icumblood says:

    I’m sure the next Metallica album will be dedicated to this tragic event…Of Raped Dog And Man:)…Sad But True!

  8. Philthy says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Quit bein’ a whinin’ ass homo, Kirk. You know you picked up the dog and sucked his dick. Fuck you AND your feelings, nobody has gave 2 shits about you in 15 years. I hope you drown in a river of shit. Fucker.

  9. Quist says:

    craaaazy shit!!

  10. Troy says:

    He’s lying, it was Kirk who fucked his own dog.

  11. you know in true fact, most female dogs if there in heat they will willingly let anything fuck them, no one said that that was a male dog, either way you people are entitled to your opinion but if your going to fucking be a dick about it then dont say shit, because just because YOU think no one has givin “2 shits” about him in 15 years your wrong, there are millions of people who think the exact opposite bud, so if your not going to see it from both sides and just talk shit because you think your always right then just shut the hell up. damn.

  12. Kerem says:

    You suck…

  13. dethmail says:


  14. same old shit! says:

    U dudes need 2 gt girl friends and lives!!

  15. Aaron says:

    who gives a rats ass about kirk, oh yeah the young dumb kids who don’t what real music is anyway. your all brainwashed by media and big music, how f-ing lame!!

  16. i swear to fucking christ, you guys are all a bunch of fucking unimformed retards. the ‘my neighbor fucked my dog’ thing in Q was a referal to his response in the Playboy interview several years ago. he was asked by the playboy interviewer if he had ever been abused as a child and he stated that he had been by his male neighbor, who also happened to have sex with his dog also. kirk was quoted as saying “i just laughed about it, hell, i’m still laughing about it.”

    i’m a fucking asshole 90% of the time and have a really twisted sense of humor, but i also have a little boy about the same age and do not find humor, even at the expense of metallica, in sexual molestations of little children. i do however think that fucking a dog is some funny shit.

    but the fact that kirk also admitted the he had personally been molested as well, is pretty sad.

    think about your mom or your dughter or your son coming to you and saying ‘i was molested’ and then look at them and tell them how much their band sucks, that slayer is way more metal than your aunt sue who was raped, and that being unwillingly sodomized only half as heavy as dimmu borgir.

    hey grandma, that time you were forced to perform oral sex on fifteen excaped convicts rememeber that? well, you deserved it because you were once in a local singing choir that performed in a state fair and recieved recognician and financial renumeration for it. grandpa your a sell out and your new music isn’t as heavy as your old stuff so i hope someone fisfucks your ass.

    i bet none of you sad mother fuckers can even play the guitar…

  17. brett says:

    lol…no way

  18. erin says:

    metallica=Posers who cut their hair all at the same time and play with Operas Boohoo I burnt all my metallica stuff that day

  19. Satyricon says:

    Very disturbing.

  20. Myche says:

    God bless you all. This is old news, please move on with your lives.

    Metallica were brought up and babysat by the real legends of rock like UFO,THIN LIZZY,SCORPIONS,SABBATH,PRIEST,RUSH,TROWER,ZEP,FLOYD,MARINO,MOTORHEAD


  21. STOP! Hammet time says:

    lmfao doggy style ahahahah lol … metallica sucks so bad nowdays … yikes !

  22. Kurt says:

    Metallica is dead after st.Anger. Go and see a real band. !!

  23. CorporateHammer says:

    Greedy babies who actually listened to Bob Rock. Please, funny? you fag I’d kick the shit out of anyone fucking a dog in front of me.Grow a back bone shove lars’s paintbrushes up his ass and tell him to play drums or take a hike. Know wonder Jason walked, Smartest member of Metallica ever.

  24. JusRememThaGudStuff says:

    Sad to rape a dog…waste of time for someone that actually has a woman. Sure Metallica has been sliding since the Black album (personally I only dislike St Anger) but they’re still a band, they’re still producing music, and they’re ALL still alive. They’ve been around since Sabbath and they’ll probably still be around when slayer bites the dust. Don’t like me? Fuck you, kiss my fucking ass, get the fuck out. And I CAN PLAY THE GUITAR you bunch of homo fucking pansy bitches.

  25. Philthy says:

    Well well well…seems I opened a can of worms. I speak my fucking mind, I wear my feelings on my sleeve. And, no, I DONT give a fuck about Metallica or Kirk gettin cornholed by a pit bull or whatever the fuck happened. Fact is, in my opinion, Metallica shit on all their old school fans, myself included, when they started putting out homoerotic music and album covers(remember the blood and cum cover??? Load?) What the fuck?! Anyways, I’m havin a good time talking shit about somebody who doesnt give a fuck about their old fans, and you bitches who got your little laced panties in a bunch…you guys are funny. Get over it, dont be mad. Just listen to some music thats worth a fuck. Just listen to a band that actually gives a shit about their fans. You guys take yourselves to seriously. Lighten up and have fun…fuckers. And to everyone who supported my opinion, thank you and keep it fucking real. Oh, just so you know, Gudstuff, get your fucking facts straight. They have only been around since the second incarnation of Black Sabbath, not the original lineup, stupid. Oh and Slayer have been around longer…and they take shits bigger than Metallica :) Have a nice fucking day -Philthy Goddamn Phil-

  26. You know, why talk shit about someone who doesn’t even affect you? Kirk was clarifying a statement. What the fuck do you care? And go ahead and hate on Metallica all you poor fuckers want. You fucking wish you had half their talent, you nitwits. If you’re so fucking great, how come I haven’t heard of you, you ignorant fools… it’s so old news to rag on Kirk anyway. Get a fuckin life. Like he cares that you are idiotic haters. Karma is a bitch. Keep talkin’ shit and someone will do unto you, eventually…wake up.

  27. Rigamortis says:

    I dont know what the fuck you guys have against Kirk. I know its been a while since Metallica has put out an album, but come on who are you guys to judge him. The guy has more fame and more success than anyone on this forum. So what he’s been apart of a couple of lousy albums. Noone here can say they have seen or done any of the things he has done in his carreer. I wouldnt want to see a dog getting raped though. Besides its nothing unusual about about a rock star talking about his childhood. They do it all the time on behind the music. I dont know why the trend these days is to down Metallica. Thats what every so called intelligent metal fan has done over the past ten years. All because the lame bands they listen to such as Phish and Sonic Youth and all the other collage music out there is not as popular. The guy was simply talking about something fucked up that he seen when he was a kid. I think everyone else should get the fuck over their stupid little Metallica bashing and realize the only reason they post these insults is the hope that Kirk Hammet may some how read it so they can brag to their collage buddies that they hurt a rock stars feelings.

  28. Robert says:

    Can I say “oh sh*t”………..or is it “dog sh*t”!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    SO WHAT..

  30. RyNo says:

    When I first saw this story I thought,’That’s old news, who cares’. But obviously I was wrong. First, if you so~called “old school” Met. fans don’t think they put out anything good after the black album, which I partially agree with, how old are you? (honestly?, some of you should have spent more time IN school, especially English, grammar, spelling, etc.!) I ask because I’m 40. & I saw them in ’85 first. So, even if you were say, 15 when ‘black’ came out that means your over 30 now. My question is, why are you still acting like you’re in 7th grade?? Man! talk about arrested development! (look it up, an NO, …it’s not a group) “Philthy”? Never was there a more apropos moniker. You have some SERIOUS homophobic issues you need to bring up with your psychiatrist, DUDE! You know, people who make the biggest ‘stink’ (sorry, had to throw the shit in there somewhere.) are the ones who are trying to distract from/avoid their own inability to deal a particular issue!! Homoerotic? the Blood & Cum/cover?? Those are like,LATANT homosexual cries there ,bro. Who cares if two men, get it on? Bet you LOVE seeing two women though right? Or a chick getting it in the ass? Yeah, thought so, again go ask your Doc! what that means. Dude, just go get yourself a man and be happy about it. Cool? And as far as,’laughing at all you…’ I can’t WAIT to see John Walsh profiling your ass someday, you sick FUCK! You don’t find humor in molestation of children? oh goody for you. But, you think fucking a dog is some funny shit?? You have “stereo~typical, future~serial~killer tattooed on your fucking forehead, you Cro~mag! Grow up people. If you don’t like the music don’t, buy it. Or should I say, STEAL it. And maybe, just maybe, every so often, turn off the damn computer and read a book. That is all, you may now return to your pathetic, and uneventful lives. Peace!

  31. 27 stitches says:

    well it’s like this, metallica was a really cool band at one time and kurt was a good player but he sure was no dave mustaine which losing him was metallicas first big mistake. then they lost cliff burton probably one of the best bassists ever. all of us metal heads that have ever been to see the original line up thru and justice for all remember a much more metal sounding metallica. if you have seen them since the black album you know they now suck ass live. there is no stage presence just a bunch of has beens standing there. their energy has left the building. i get it they are all old but so am i and i still try to kick that shit hard! i jump in the pit with my guitar and try to keep my music true to it’s roots and don’t blame my shortcomings for the way my life is going. i throw my fist in the air pointing my horns at god in defiance, bang my head, and try to rock as hard as i can. it’s suppose to be about the music and fans and somewhere around napster they lost their way.
    instead of bashing them i,m gonna say they were a big influence to me back in high school when all the guitar work was new, and back then hands down they were the best but as things change and time goes on i just wish they would hush little baby and don’t say a word. undiscovered metal is the best metal anyway, speaking of which check out some of c.n.y.’s best up and coming metal bands like caustic, setiva, nobody lives forever, an us and about a hundred more indi bands on ever band your looking for.
    then let the metal speak for itself.

  32. 27 stitches says:

    oh yeah pantera kicked their asses with less people!
    r.i.p. dime!!!!! you are missed

  33. I’ve got two words for Kirk Hammett and one for Metallica.

    Kirk…Dave fuckin’ Mustaine

    Metallica…Megadeth, hands down.

  34. fido bedo says:

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they’re usally full of shit

  35. buttballs123 says:

    metallica sucks now

    slayer sucks always

    dime is dead and sucks less than when he was alive

  36. i challenge any mother fucker on here talking shit to put your fucking music where your mouth is…. i bet you all fucking suck on the guitar. if you look up my username is clickable and it leads to a link where you can hear me playing guitar… talk some shit and then send me some of your music and we’ll see who the sucky guitarist is…. kirk or you, not kirk vs. dave mustaine kirk vs. you

  37. phil says:

    i agree who has given a fuck about kirk in 15 they have got that country shit so fuck you kirk and fuck you metallica you suck assholes!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    that’s fucked

  39. DormantBodiesBursting says:

    Dave Mustaine > Kirk Hammett

  40. Anonymous says:

    i have trouble believing kirk hammett fucked his dog… that doesnt even make sense… it just doesnt seem like him… ignoring his amazing talent, and metallica it just seems like another thing taken out of context by media.

  41. Dave says:


  42. russ says:

    you all suck worse than metallica and are jealous you know why, cause your band never made it big and no pitbull fucked you in the ass! no i think its funny to, but i dont give a shit if metallica cares about me or any band for that matter cause their all thinking of one thing…..TO LINE THEIR POCKETS WITH GOLD AS EASILY AS POSSIBLE……if you think any band gives two shits about anybody but themselves or their families you are all fukin stupid as lars’ pansy paintin ass!

  43. russ says:

    btw im the shit on guitar just goto take alisten….IM THE FUKIN LEAD GUITAR TEARIN IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. PANiC! says:

    I thought this was about a dog getting molested.
    but everyone’s got something to say about Metallica. That band’s problem is they’re way too visible, or at least they used to be. Getting as famous as they did put ‘em under a microscope, so when old age set in and the quality of their music steered off the metal course, people took notice much more so than if it were a less well-known band. Hell, even Iron Maiden’s lethargic “new” record (“Brave New World) hardly registered on the radar. That wasn’t a “bad” record, but you can tell the guys got older. It would be a perfectly fine offering from any other band, but it sure ain’t Maiden. Dogfucking should only be used as a last resort in order to avoid having to rape future-bassist neighbor boys.

  45. Fuck you all says:

    all you people talking shit about metallica: it dosnt matter what you say about them because they have sold so many albums its not even funny. If they suck so much why arnt any of you cunts more famous then them? they are and most likely will be household names until 3 or 4 more generations after them. DO you still feel like taking shit about them on a website is doing any thing?i bet there all sitting in there MANSIONS(how many of you douchebags have a mansion?) reading your pathetic atempts to make yourselves feel better about your shitty ass lives you fuckin failures and they are laughing at you.
    shut the hell up and move out of your moms basement you sad, sad loosers.

    to all you people not talking shit about metallica: thank you for a little maturity.
    i am only 16 but atleast im not a middle-aged failure that lives in his/her mom’s basement that has never had a date. and makes themselves feel better by attempting to insult a mega famous band or trying to make people that actually have lives feel stupid cause they dont know every little fact about a band that”sucks and is basically shiting on their original fans” occording to some guy who already commented.

    thanks for your time.

  46. doggie style says:

    go there please lol.
    holy shit this is werid and interesting stfu and stop complainging. Metallica suck now there are many other cool bands now serious. there old stuff is good but everybody says thAT. there fucking boring now and just lisson to Lamb of God or TRivium or SLayer or some other band

  47. MetallicA rules the world… when you die you will see your life flash before your eyes and MetallicA will rule you forever!


    End of Story…

  48. ~cayslin~ says:

    awwwe..poor doggy:(

  49. cotton says:

    I think it’s funny.
    “lassy just stay there and take it like a bitch”
    Damn I’m going to hell but Oh well fuck all you people.
    all you people leave home with your moms and collect KISS collectibles don’t ya.

  50. not known to you personally says:

    two things…one who ever came up with the master of puppies joke is now a comic genious. two stop giving kirk hammet shit because metallica isnt as good as they used to be cause at least there making more money than God off of it and getting with playboy bunnies while most of you little basterds are in yr moms basement jerking off to old wonder woman comic books. lets see any one of you try and play a guitar like kirk cause honestly he could kick all of yr asses. yeah i’ll admit i dont like Metallica that much anymore cause quite simply St. Anger sucked some serious dog dick but it did sell over a hundred thousand units in less than two weeks. so what if there selling out, if it bothers you that much listen to someone else and quit being a hater just cause someone is more succesful than you…fags

  51. Daniel Knetter says:

    if someone did that to my dog i would prob kill em or inflict horrible pain..

  52. DAVE!!! says:

    Wow. This is rediculous, there’s angry people everywhere! I’m just gonna say, I’ve been pretty upset with Metallica’s recent music… but I saw them live in Albany last year, and they whooped some serious ass! They can still play the old stuff as well if not better than before (except James’ voice will never be the same) They only played 2 new songs in a 3 1/2 hour set, and were very energetic as well. They can still do it guys, and they know they’re messing up. Just give em’ a few more chances, maybe they’ll get it right. If not, then just see them live! For all you guys who hate them… Ok. that’s it… ok. None of the fans really care what you guys think, so just go ahead and waste some more time trying to anger people. Can’t you find something better to do?

  53. Anonymous says:

    hey shoogagooagana
    finally someone else who agrees that since the black album metallica sucks.. shit.
    other than that recent shit, their amazing.
    as for the dog..
    eh whatever.

  54. i think i would have kicked the dogs ass and not watched him to do it..i would have felt sick to my stomach and that would have made me angry. i would have made the dog eat the guys dick off.

  55. lmao i mean kicked the guys ass

  56. Satanarchy says:

    Its amazing how everyone can always talk shit on a website. Im not fond of Metallica’s last few albums but Metallica still kick ass. How many bands actually go their whole career with their fans liking every album? Not many. Everyone wants their band to get signed and make that good money. So don’t hate on them cause they made it.

    As for the dog. Thats a sad event in the mans life. What is even worse was the 3rd grade response from some people on here.

  57. david says:

    all of you are all sic puppies anways i bet you all squealed wooo! wooo! oh my god oh i said im cool really when you got bent over and done doggy!

  58. Metalliwelch says:

    jesus christ, you are all a bunch of sad faggots.

    id like to see any of you guys do better than metallica…

    OH WAIT none of you ARE as successful yet you still feel the need to give abuse.. there is a reason why metallica are such a big band.

    i mean for gods sake, sure there are better bands, but does that mean you have to say ‘oh metallica suck’? i mean what about you, have you toured the world, been in the charts and have millions of fans?

    metallica have been around for OVER TWENTY YEARS, of course they will make mistakes, get OVER them and focus on the good stuff, nobody is perfect.

    and personally, i dont find animal or child abuse funny in the slightest… maybe you should all get help.

  59. strazza says:

    hahah fuck manXd that’s sick!

  60. Dumdum says:

    My buddy is 16 years old, and he plays and makes music much better than kirk, and don’t think young people suck because how old were metallica when they started? but to clear this, kirk would love to play thrash again, but james and lars are two big ***** – it’s sad.

  61. Nansy Hammett (R) says:

    YOU ARE ALL THE MOST BAD AND COMPLEX PEOPLE I EVER MET.The reall thing is that you JEALUS Kirk Hammett and All MetallicA cause you can’t be like them you are full of complex and unsecurities,And that is SO OBVIOUS!! I mean you are all so pathetic and loosers …The gyus are just awsome and they have 25 years carrier,,,if that tells u something.And if Kirk was a looser,he wouldnt be in MetallicA!!!! He would be in his home ok?
    AS for the dog I HATE DOG RAPERS WE MUST KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    G R E E C E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. cooper says:

    wtf, Quit bashing out on Metallica. This has turned from a sick ass dude fuckin’ a dog to a Metallica hatingfest.
    All of you people disapointed with metallica’s more recent albums, and calling them sell-outs just gotta realise how stupid this is. You must understand that they do what they want, and I never get tired of quoting cliff on this: ”we do what we want and if people think that that’s selling out, then whatever”
    They’ve always been fiercly independent and don’t just do everything with the thought of pleasing their fans. And if I remember correctly, I remember James saying that he and Jason weren’t too happy about cutting their hair and changing their style, but that lars and Kirk were and so they went with it. I read it some time ago, though.

    And to the guy who said they suck assholes…I believe that is physically impossible. shows how much intellect you haters have.

  63. andy says:

    dude like really what a waste of time. metallica is or was a great band its an opinoin. are yins really geting mad over nothing? in my opinoin metallica is the greatest band to ever walk the face of the earth but its an opinoin, no more no less. im sick of everyone saying they suck becuz they dont people get old, id like to see u rock as hard as them at that age. even if there not as good now they will always be the classic metal they were. and will remain one of the most successful bands in history. and evan if you think they suck there are billions of people that are going to say your wrong. so yins need to stop wasteing your life. i dont even know why im wasteing my time writing this comment.

    you all fail


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