Prediction: Rammstein is DONE
July 30th, 2007 at 2:07pm

Rammstein is one of my favorite bands of all time PERIOD. Blah blah blah “they got too commercial” blah blah. STFU.

I was pissed all last week after reading the news that Till (lead singer) is leaving the band. As far as I know, he has been the voice of the band since the beginning, and is the first image you get when you think of Rammstein (that OR the scrawny keyboard guy). They have gotten the guy from KMFDM to sing instead. That guy is a skinny puke! Sure KMFDM is awesome and all that but he is supposed to replace this:


The guy is on fire alright.

If you saw the family values tape/dvd that had Rammstein you also saw some of the other crazy stuff they do. Hell if you have seen them live you really know… especially in Europe since we here in the US cant handle their full show apparently.

Till whips himself on stage, shoots lasers out of his eyes, and again – sets himself on fire. Their sound is defined by the keyboards, 80s-ish crunchy guitars and TILL’S SINGING. He’s got on of those deep growly voices but can still sing… good luck on replicating that.

So Im not sold on this at all! They should change the name and not call this project Rammstein. Rarely can you change singers and have your band even come close to resembling the old band, and definitly not in this case.

Now, I think I read that Till may be doing a solo effort. I will certainly check that out. I will probably check out new Rammstein too, but I wont call it Rammstein anymore….since it isnt the same band. My prediction: Fans are gonna drop this new “Rammstein” and just keep playing all the old CDs.