RAMMSTEIN Lives!! (rumor not true)
July 30th, 2007 at 9:02pm

Ok now Im happy again! You may have read my post earlier saying “Rammstein is DONE!

On a tip from an avid reader I got off my lazy ass and did some digging and found this statement from the band’s management:

?Neither Till Lindemann nor another band member plans to leave Rammstein. The band is currently working on the next album and is in an excellent mood. As the greed for news is the actual doping in cycling, this ‘news’ is only serving those who spread the same. Though the world knows now that EnEsch has moved to Berlin, even the poor EnEsch was shocked by the outlook to have to step into Till Lindemanns footsteps. I hope he and the fans of the band will recover soon from this false report.?

“Hope the fans will recover”???? I about had a heart attack haha – but hey, what can ya do? Now Im just more pumped for the CD… This better not have been a publicity stunt!

Actually, this reminds me of another thing that circulated around the news a bit. Do you remember reading that the singer of Metallica was detained in London for having a “taliban style beard”? That shit even got on national news TV! A few days later I start seeing quotes from him that it never happened, and that he isnt even sure where that rumor came from! What the hell…