I Really Wish Gene Simmons Would Shutup About “Not Being Married”
August 30th, 2007 at 1:20pm


A couple of days ago, Gene simmons had to release yet another statement about his relationship, and every news site seemed to want to print it. Just in case you read it didn’t – this is what I’m talking about:


“Folks. I have been deluged with new emails saying some very nice things. Thank you. But, seriously girls, I AM NOT MARRIED!!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN MARIED. I HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF EVERY GETTING MARRIED.

“It shocks me that women keep saying ‘your wife’… and can’t get it through their heads there IS NO wife. Never has been. Never will be.

“Women are finally FREE. You live in the 21st Century. You DON’T HAVE TO BE MARRIED, if you don’t want to.

“So ladies, I say this again, I AM NOT MARRIED.”  – Gene Simmons (from his website) Aug 27

Ummm… so? He writes it as though he is telling girls he is available which is the biggest joke ever. First – are there really girls interested in him? Second, look at that picture up top. That’s a family. He has kids, and a long term (23 year) relationship with Shannon Tweed. If he really cheated on her, she would probably kick his ass and be gone in a second. Afterwards, a good lawyer would have her getting child support and the house even without being officially ‘married’. It’s a marriage in every sense except legal.

What’s the point of these statements? Its such a silly and see-through schtick. Maybe he is realizing that no one is taking it seriously anymore?



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  1. “…It’s a marriage in every sense except legal.”

    Actually it is a ‘common law marriage’, which makes it a ‘legal’ marriage. But either way, you are correct in your statement.
    Gene would have been alot better off, if had never shown us his homely side with reality TV.

  2. MrsBarnes says:

    EXACTLY, thats the word/phrase I was looking for.

  3. Travis says:

    Hmm, the only thing different between a common law marriage is that certain states allow it, certain states have forbid it, and certain states never allowed it.

    Examples: Alabama allows it, Georgia stopped in 1997, and Tennessee never did…so you can see, three states in the same general area, three different views.

    But come on, when someone says “your wife” they are usually showing you a sign of respect and wish you the best, even if you are not really married, they just are being “polite”.

  4. Irishgirl says:

    Hey Gene, guess what? your married- get over it.

  5. hermy says:

    Whatever happended to just caring about the music and not giving a fuck about personal lives? He’s everthing wrong with the music biz.

  6. Ok here is how it is, fucking PERIOD: Gene rules the rock world, PERIOD, Gene has had more girls than any of the assholes who leave negative comments will EVER have in their lifetime ALL COMBINED, PERIOD, Gene was the forefather of corpsepaint and the fire and explosions on stage, PERIOD, his EVIL DEMONIC persona attributed in many ways to the black and death metal here today, PERIOD, HE IS A FUCKING ROCK GOD, PERIOD!
    Anyone who wants to make their poor little de-inflated ego bigger by knocking THE FUCK GOD will definetely pay in the next life! PERIOD!!!

  7. Me says:

    I thought that after 7 years of living with someone the state considered you legally married. I don’t know though. Gene Simmons a rock god. LOL, get real. Has been more like it who is doing anything to get back in the spotlight.

  8. editor says:

    gene simmons is the biggest blowhard in the biz. he’s running his big mouth all the time. whenever he does that it means the opposite of what he speaks, so at the end of his lame “family jewels” tv show he’ll be getting married. the whole show was based about the end series… he is full of crap and he will be married, it’s just a matter of time and shannon is determined to get he claws on all that kiss money…

  9. Zeke says:

    ok listen to this, kiss = posers

    think about it, they all try to look like demons but sing love songs???

    for what kiss looked like they shoiuld have sounded like behemoth or marduk or a real black metal band, they were posers, the biggests poser in the world, the reason they were that big is because the mainstream catched on to them, after them real bands started to come up, such as metallica prior 1993, slayer, megadeth, pantera and so on, gene clains he fucked over 4000 women, ok so where are those women to confirm it, im not saying he didnt fuck women i just think hes over his head and way too coinceited, he claims to have invented rock and shit, but he really invented poser bands.

    now go die.

  10. SnakeLady says:

    Uh… Only 1 member of Kiss looks like a demon… that would be Gene. AND his point was to look like Hollywood monsters (he’s (or was) a big horror movie fan).

    Have you forgotten the Spaceman? (Ace DID write a song called “Rocket Ride” although I don’t think NASA is what he really had in mind). :) How about the “adorable” cat that most girls just went coo-coo over? And Paul, he called himself “the Lover” or “the starchild…” OF COURSE Paul would be singing love songs.

    Did Gene invent rock or death metal? No.

    Kiss did combine rock music with circus stunts to put on a good show.

    Of course they wouldn’t wound like Behemoth. That would have been skipping a step in the evolution of rock & metal.

    Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they DID inspire some of today’s greatest musicians! (One example: Dimebag).

    p.s. Gene claims to have a picture of every woman he’s “bedded.” Being that they started in the early 70 (pre-herpes/pre-AIDS (theoretically) era), which was at the end of the “free love” era… I’m sure it wasn’t hard for him to get 90% of them then!

  11. Emnity says:

    wow, first off! i hate how all i see on MTV and VH1 and shit is how they grab up old forgotten media relics and tell us how cool they are.. its like that dumbass flavor of love shit.. seriously how many people before that show even remembered that flavor flav existed? same thing with gene.. yea he was in kiss wich was a really cool band a longass time ago, but music has evolved.. no one wants to see some old forgotten B list (if that) celebrity from years back on some “hey i need money, so put me on TV! lord knows i cant write music anymore kuz my shits weak” show.

    and kiss didnt invent metal.. they contributed to the look (a little) but music-wise no.. not to todays metal

  12. Emnity says:

    p.s. gene had to have his make-up on when he seduced those women. he’s one ugly mother-fucker!

  13. Sean says:

    We men should ALL aspire to Gene’s way of thinking, doncha think, guys? When does Sophie turn 18? Maybe 4000 guys should fuck her. Think he’d still cling to his bullshit word? Think he’d say, ‘YEAH, that’s my Sophie!!’??? He’s a goat. People who need idols are weak. Become someone yourself.

  14. 27stitches says:

    gene’s not married because most places still don’t allow same sex marriges thank god

  15. will says:

    hey gene nobody likes you anymore.

  16. bev north says:

    when he was in the uk..he flurted for america..he’s always been the same..but he’s kinda cool like that..he’s funny as well..
    but he is married..well may as well be..and everyone knows that..

  17. Steve says:

    There is no “Common Law” in California. She would get child support for the minor and that’s about it.

  18. Tom says:

    So basically he’s bragging that he’s, in his mind at least, a swinger? Wow, that is the EPITOMEY of juvenile! Every time I see something about Gene, I lose more respect for him each time. I swear if he was standing next to me I’d punch the fucking moron!

  19. Scott says:

    Gene Simmons talks ENTIRELY TOO MUCH FUCKING SHIT! I just try not to pay too much attention to him anymore. Who gives a fuck whether he’s married? I don’t. Unless it’s a KISS song that was recorded in the 70′s, I don’t fuckin care.

  20. Mike says:

    Gene needs to STFU before someone forces him to.

  21. JEFF ACRES says:


  22. As annoying as it is, I agree with him. I’ve been “shackin’ up” with my boyfriend for more than 10 years.

    Common law marriage after 7 years is a myth. There are only about 4 or 5 state that even recognize it. In those states, you actually have to acknowledge each other as spouses… and basically everyone has to believe you’re married.

    In NC, we only just abolished the old “co-habitation” law which meant that technically, not only was I “living in sin” but I was “breaking the law.” (I purposely kept a separate residence and legal address…. JUST IN CASE… because there WAS a case where an employer gave an ultimatum for his employee to marry her boyfriend or move out. … and when she refused, he fired her.

    I don’t yell if someone calls my boyfriend “my husband” but I’m sure I roll my eyes every time.

    I don’t care about marriage. I think it should be abolished. I am not property. If we ever do get married, it will probably be for insurance purposes… since my bf’s employer doesn’t recognize “domestic partners” like my previous employer did.

    So yeah, Gene is a jerk about it, but I have to agree with him on this point.

  23. nonbeliever says:

    First off, who would want to be with Gene, he is not a good looking guy. 2nd Shannon could get any guy she wants and he should be jumping at the chance to marry her. I think they are married and it’s all an act.

  24. rocknroll says:

    Wow, everyone is getting this wrong.

    Gene (along with Shannon) signed a cohabitational agreement. It basically states when they part, he takes what’s his and she takes what’s hers. So in other words: Shannon will not be getting the house. Nor will she be getting spousal support from Gene. The kids will be getting taken care of, but she won’t.

  25. magsmagenta says:

    I love Gene and his big mouth, brilliant entertainment :)

  26. Anonymous says:

    if you are such a great man help those are trying to work those that love there mothers and brothers and sisters because they picked the wrong ones, the ones that cheated the ones that said i will help you I am now a single mom with two children ,if you are what you say you are help

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