Julien-K Puts Some Rock into Electronic Music (featuring live photos from Projekt Revolution)
October 8th, 2007 at 7:45am

When I was taking the above photos at one of the Projekt Revolution stops, I remember being completely floored by the show Julien-K put on. After talking to Ryan Shuck (Julien K vocalist and guitar player for Orgy), I discovered I wasn’t the first to feel that way.

“The results so far with Julien-K are totally different” said Shuck, refering to the insane response they’re getting. “People weren’t sure about Orgy and didn’t get it until we had a hit on the radio. But (with Julien K) we are just playing with no-press kit, no media push and people are into it. I really did think there would be more looky-loo. At one of the shows after we had been touring for only 30 days, a chick showed us her tattoo of our lyrics on her back!… We are really thankful that the fans have been so responsive. Blown away actually.”

What you have to realize is that we are talking about an electronic band who can carry its own at rock shows playing to rock fans. Shuck describes it not as electronica but as “passionate electronic music”. As far as playing with rock bands and having a ‘rock’ show as an electronic band, Shuck said:

“This is where the passion comes into play. Everyone (in the band) knows what this is about; everyone was part of making the music. The emotion comes out, we are still developing, and playing this is all new. I’m not a singer, Amir is not a keyboard player, and Brandon isn’t a bass player. Writing and performing this music is very cathartic. Orgy was like rock with electronic, but this is more about songs. I’ve heard so much rock that I can’t really get inspired by it.”

I’m excited personally to hear more from these guys. They remind me of groups like Depeche Mode – great songwriting with interesting sounds. Shuck wouldn’t tell me when any album would be released or any details about any of their plans at all. He did say though, that if you were impressed by their showing at Projekt Revolution, that you haven’t seen anything yet.