Excerpt from Slash’s Upcoming Autobiography
October 17th, 2007 at 4:00pm

“When you start to get famous at all, a few typical things start happening: in Hollywood, if you’re out at a bar, everyone wants to buy you a drink, you can get into any club; whether you like it or not, you are suddenly a figure on the nightlife circuit. When that started happening to us, there was nothing less interesting that I could have imagined doing with my time. That Hollywood scene was the same old shit, and the more recognisable I was, the less I liked it. The amount of ‘dudes’ who wanted to ‘party with me’ had quadrupled, so I became entirely insular; looking back, it makes complete sense to me that I allowed myself to slip into a seductive heroin comfort zone. I didn’t want to go to strip clubs or look for hot chicks or otherwise exercise my newly found status. All I wanted to do was hang out at Bill’s and do drugs. It turned out to be the start of a long and nightmarish obsession with heroin that lasted from 1989 through 1991.”

The Guardian has the rest of this chapter (you really should read this too!): http://observer.guardian.co.uk/omm/story/0,,2187757,00.html

Looks like he may have a lot more to talk about than other autobio writing rockers. You know, since we don’t read his stories every ten minutes online, have it re-mentioned everytime he gets in the news, or see it on tv just as much.  Im not pointing any fingers, or talking about anyone who’s name rhymes with Micky Quicks (did you know he died once!??!!). Not AT ALL.