Uncle Zakk Wylde Makes A Kid’s Day
November 2nd, 2007 at 11:50am

zakk-wylde.jpgImagine being a 12 year old kid going to your local music store for your weekly guitar lesson. Nothing unusual or extraordinary about that – probably is happening right now thousands of times over across the globe, kids of all ages and nationalities picking up a guitar to learn some music either for the fun of it, with dreams of stardom or perhaps to impress their classmates or some girl.

So there you are – you – your guitar – your teacher – your weekly lesson. Then some bearded dude with chains barges in – you and your teacher just about have a heart attack! Why? Because Zakk Wylde just crashed your lesson & is going to show you a few licks. But it gets better.  “You come with Uncle Zakk and you go pick any guitar you want on the wall and your Uncle Zakk will buy it for you.” HOLY SHIT! So now not only are you getting guitar tips from a legendary metal master but he is going to buy you a new guitar to boot? 

Sounds like a dream. Sounds like a fantasy. But it’s not. It’s a true story that happened in Saskatoon. Zakk was giving an autograph session at the music store doing the usual promo appearance stuff during the Ozzy tour when he took a break and proceeded to make a fan for life. He also gave the kid, 12 year old Tanner Brayshaw, VIP passes for him & his family to the Ozzy show the next night.

“If what I do inspires some kid to pick up a guitar and jam, that’s the s—, without a doubt” Zakk says.

tanner-wtih-guitar.jpgGood for you Zakk you rule. Thanks for keeping it real. More rock stars should do random things like this no matter how famous they are. Hey you don’t have to be buying fans things as many musicians are not as well off as, well, Zakk Wylde, but hey – deeds go  a long way to connect with fans.

For the record Tanner chose a $600 red Gibson SG. He could’ve picked anything as there were many more expensive guitars to choose from. But that is the one he wanted. Maybe someday Tanner will return the favor to another generation as his humble character has already been displayed.

Here is the origial story: The StarPhoenix