‘N Sync Reunites – New Musical Direction & New Music Video
November 8th, 2007 at 9:50am

‘N Sync has reunited with all the original members and have announced a new musical direction and have released their first music video for their upcoming album.

Riiiighhht! Check out this video though and – enjoy!


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69 Comments to “‘N Sync Reunites – New Musical Direction & New Music Video”

  1. Ryan says:

    Wow…lol..that’s all I have to say: wow…

  2. Vegan Joe says:

    that actually fit very well. Kudos to whoever actually put that together, or figured out to put it together. Excellent!

  3. ~T-Rose~ says:

    OMG! You have got to be kidding!!!!!!!!!!

  4. MrsBarnes says:

    Easily the best part is the breakdown after 1:35

  5. Blitzkrieg says:


  6. Richiedude says:

    Thanks “Vegan Joe” – it was my idea & I did the editing.

  7. Brenda Sears says:


  8. Steven says:

    That was probly the only way for me to EVER enjoy anything with the name N*SYNC attached to it! KUDOS to whoever made it!

  9. WenZee says:

    You had me worried there for a minute. Not for N Sync; but for Death Metal!

    GREAT job on the video and editing Richiedude!!!

  10. Mallah says:

    Pure genious, good song too

  11. Reckless_D says:

    That was fucking wicked!LOL
    Great work dude!

  12. [...] ‘N Sync Reunites as a death metal band ‘N Sync goes Death Metal [...]

  13. Steph says:

    uve really got to be kidding wtf was that lol
    thats just the weirdest thing i have ever seen lmao

  14. blowtorchslaughter says:

    yes….thats all i have to say….yes.

  15. BEATENBLACK says:

    WOOOOOooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh…..who ever did that shit needs to be shot….danm…..but i would watch another…lol…

  16. Do ya wanna know? says:

    Interesting….*NSYNC used to be my favrorite band. Yes, I just admitted it. :P

  17. peppy the destroyer of worlds says:

    holy fuck! that was brilliant!

  18. shaunt says:

    wat song is this
    fucking cool song

  19. Joey says:

    well this video is fuckin retarted.
    and is anyone else starting to notice all bands who place this kinda of music are starting to all sound the same?

  20. 818state says:

    totally awesome zone-out imagery. nothing funny about it. editing is the key i guess. the brain drilling drums rool too.

  21. eRiN says:

    Hahahahaha, that is amazing.

  22. raliegh says:

    that sucks.

  23. intormentinhell88 says:

    All Shall Perish is not death metal!!

  24. Big J.V. says:

    !Great! video you guys got it going on.

  25. Parastalker says:

    That shit was funny

  26. Dave says:

    ??? I don’t know what to think of that. Cool music with a video of fags? Yikes!

  27. Patricia says:

    that was AWESOME!!…when I was like 13-14 I was really into them and to see them with my new music is freakin great…kudos to who ever did that…and I would be so freaked out if they really did end up being a metal group…to funny great guys


  28. Anonymous says:

    well… all shall perish is a blend of death metal, hardcore, and other good genre’s… they just blended it together to form their own unique sounds…. but yea… its some deathmetal, lol


    HAHAHA THATS FUCKING SI!K hahahaha im crunk as shit and those nsync fags are running from a hot BZ!!!!? godamn. awesomo

  30. Anonymous says:

    thats hot

  31. DK says:

    Wha song by All Shall Perish is used in it?

  32. the lycan says:

    that was pretty funny,and it fit pretty well, but yea all shall perish is cool and all, but they aren’t death metal. and the name of the song is..
    “there is no business to be done on a dead planet”

  33. Lord Leahkim says:

    that was some funny shit though

  34. Lord Leahkim says:

    All Shall Perish combines various genres, including death metal, deathgrind, metalcore, and sludge metal. So there!!

  35. michael says:

    lmao this is bullshit
    this is all shall perish u dum fucks

  36. becky says:

    that was some funny shit

  37. Saint Martika says:

    Someone did that with a Brittany Spears video too.
    They just used the entire video and added in vocals to the real song.
    It was amazing as well.

    But, really, it’s not Death Metal.
    That would be considered Hardxcore or MetalCore.
    I’d have to say more MetalCore if anything.

    Nice job though.

  38. That Hirst Kid says:

    Bad ass.

    The way the vocals matched the movement of mouths was done quite well.

    Nice job Richiedude

  39. Silent_Bliss says:

    Justin makes babies cry

  40. Drivethrujedi says:

    This is good but something totally different.

  41. dude, thats kinda funny, yupp…. all shall faggots totaly look like N’Sync too.

  42. Genefreak23 says:

    Thats was fuckin great!

  43. bleedin4him says:

    That was totally FAKE!!! They were singing “It’s Gonna Be Me” DUH!! U people blind or what! Nsync is not back and never will be DUH!!! U guys need ur eyes checked!! That was all FAKE!!!

  44. shayshay48 says:

    It would b fucking awsome if they have finally seen the light of dark, but i seriously doubt it. Props to the editor of this music video. Did those little sugerpop boys a favor

  45. If only – i wouldnt care that r lass fancied that prick wi the curly hair if they did music like that – she could watch the videos n i could just listen!
    Nice work whoever thort of this!

  46. To bleedin4him says:

    WOOOOW!! Are you fucking retarded? WE KNOW IT WAS FAKE!! It’s a funny video you fucktard! You should just go and die now, your stupidity has shamed us all. No one will attend your funeral.

  47. sk82107 says:

    i agree with the comment above.

  48. NSync:Zzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!

  49. ViolentKor says:

    ….I take back some of the things Ive said about N’Stink….NAAAAAA…LOL! This was awesome!

  50. vinsanity says:

    the 1st part where the vocals kick in is priceless…lol

  51. krissy says:

    hahaha that made my day a little brighter

  52. Nsync is strictly not a death metal band. -_-

    And it’s not right to make fun of Nsync. Justin Timberlake is my friend. Please don’t diss or make fun of my friends.

  53. Ok nevermind what I said before about Nsync. I’m not friends with them anymore for many various reasons why… so make fun of them all you want.

  54. LIMetalhead says:

    That was fucked up. I love how you were able to get some of the vocals in sync (no pun intended) to match up with the video. Still, the best part of the video was the hot ass bitch working the marionette strings.

  55. talk about DEATH METAL


    thats how i role

  56. Wayne Powell says:

    What’s with overdubbing a death metal song to nsync footage…i don’t know why everyone thinks this is so great,i don’t even find this funny…..I don’t get it???
    Maybe i will take a backstreet boys video and overdub cradle of filth music and i’ll be praised like this….
    I don’t get it!!

  57. SID says:

    Holy jesus. That is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen. song and vid fit perfectly, amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Josh says:

    nice. no business to be done on a dead planet. that breakdown used to be my ringtone. i worked at hat world. the looks you’ll get in the mall for someone screaming “WE’RE ON A KILLING SPREE”


    awesome vid.

  59. josh says:

    oh and additionally, all shall perish does indeed combine sludge metal, hardcore, death metal, grindcore, and some super bad ass solos. the simplest way to categorize their music (which still doesn’t even quite do its wonderful mastery justice) would be deathcore. so stop bitching about it being death metal. it’s very death metal, they just have the ability to add a bad ass breakdown to the mix.

  60. Crank says:

    “they just have the ability to add a bad ass breakdown to the mix” – That sounds like it is difficult to put a breakdown into a song. I mean i love ASP, but praising them for putting breakdowns in their songs would be a little too much.

  61. Mrs. Starla Dodge says:

    I Happen to like ‘Nsync just the way that they are!! I’d like them to come back, but the way that they are, not death metal!! Sure I like heavy metal from the ’80′s, but death metal, NO!! They are NOT a group that is to be in the death metal music!! But whoever it is that made this, had a GREAT imagination and did a great job on it and do some more like that!! You did a wonderful job put the music and the lips together well!!

  62. reda says:

    hehe, i had a good laugh.
    Richiedude rulez. that kind of death metal kinda fits the boy band style though hehe. this shouldnt be taken seriously this guy makes so many cool videos available for free and it’s always a goood time. thanks dude.

  63. none shall pass says:

    most fuckin excellent!!!! who knew n’sync had talent. that was a perfect match, you rule Richiedude!!!

  64. Dason on fire says:

    ok all of you stupid skeptical fucks need to know is that all shall perish is death metal and if most of their songs are about death then shut up and go suck on your thumb bitches

    btw fuckin sweet vid :D

  65. belinda says:

    hahaha cool

  66. jeremy steiner says:

    thats the sickest wow lol

  67. Pablo says:

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Unfunny and stupid.

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