RUSTY EYE Unleashes A Controversial Music Video
November 13th, 2007 at 2:45pm

rustyeyewithlogo.jpgMexico City-bred, Los Angeles-based rockers Rusty Eye are certainly a rare breed in today’s Metal scene. With over twelve years of experience that’s seen them release four uniformly excellent albums (with a fifth on the way), they continue to bring both a brazenly unique perspective to today’s monochromatic musical landscape. And the band’s singular vision and independent spirit have never been more in evidence than in their controversial new music video Mr. Cannibal, based on the their hit LA Music Awards award-winning single of the same name.

The darkly erotic NWOBHM-influenced song and video, blends in surging tribal rhythms and disturbing visual imagery that recalls the work of such Italian horror masters Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci. Mr. Cannibal was shot on 16 mm and directed, co-produced, and financed by noted cinematographer Alejandro Ordoñez. Other industry luminaries who brought their talents to the high budget production include director of photography Eric Leach (Cabin Fever), editor Johnny Bachelier (Fronterz), and co-producer/colorist Bryan Robbins (Something’s Wrong in Kansas).

Having shared stages with bands such as Doro, Vixen, Katatonia, Veins of Jenna and Moonspell, Rusty Eye delivers an eclectic sui generis brand of music which attracts of Heavy Metal in all its extent, while their dark, gothic imagery appeals to horror movie enthusiasts as well.

Yes, singer & drummer Miss Randall and bassist Mr. Rust are among the chosen few who’ve been handed the secret key to the magic that is Rock & Roll, and as your body is plunged into a twitching frenzy by their sonic storms, you’ll also find a smile spreading inexorably across your face. Don’t fight it, because that’s what it’s all about. Heavy Metal makes you happy.

And while Rusty Eye can be an unbelievably heavy, loud, and powerful band to experience live, the high quality and dark inventiveness found in Mr. Rust & Miss Randall’s writing has always put the band a cut above many of the more celebrated acts of yesterday and today, blending the raw metal power of Celtic Frost and Motorhead with complex arrangements reminiscent of King Crimson and Rush (to name a few notorious influences).

Rusty Eye is darkly seductive, intense rock that’s usually festive and exuberant, occasionally darkly plaintive.

And it’s always dazzling.

“Mr. Cannibal”

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