Gene Simmons Finds Yet Another Way to Get Publicity: By Talking Shit About College Kids
November 15th, 2007 at 2:22pm

gene-simmons.jpgGene Simmons is smart. He’s writing a book, and needs to get his name out there again even though people are tired of him. Best plan? Just go after someone.. anyone! Get blogs to write about it, yahoo to put it in their news and make a headline.  

“The record industry is in such a mess. I called for what it was when college kids first started download music for free — that they were crooks. I told every record label I spoke with that they just lit the fuse to their own bomb that was going to explode from under them and put them on the street.

There is nothing in me that wants to go in there and do new music. How are you going to deliver it? How are you going to get paid for it if people can just get it for free? I will be putting out a box set called “Monster”– a collection of 150 unreleased songs. KISS will have another box set of unreleased music in the next year.

The record industry doesn’t have a f—ing clue how to make money. It’s only their fault for letting foxes get into the henhouse and then wondering why there’s no eggs or chickens. Every little college kid, every freshly-scrubbed little kid’s face should have been sued off the face of the earth. They should have taken their houses and cars and nipped it right there in the beginning. Those kids are putting 100,000 to a million people out of work. How can you pick on them? They’ve got freckles. That’s a crook. He may as well be wearing a bandit’s mask.”

 - Read the rest of the interview here

Eh, he has a point… sorrrrta. I’m not buying it though. It worked, headline on yahoo “Gene Simmons: college kids killed music biz” First paragraph? Its about his book … then I wrote about it too… :::sigh:::



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  1. George Hilton says:

    Gene should be locked up for selling that “3 chord horseshit” him and Kiss have called music for decades. Blow me, Simmons.

  2. keri says:

    doesnt he know when to just shut up and quit? it was bad enough that kittie couldnt use the name “kiss of infamy” for some album they were trying to get out. im not a fan but that just pissed me off. if that was my band kiss wouldnt have gotten away with that. hang it up gene, you make yourself look like a fool. you and your band.

  3. Nemesis Nexus says:

    Gene, you’re a hypocrite whose only actual desire is to get enough people talking about you IN GENERAL so that when your book is on the shelf they don’t go “who’s this guy again?” since they’ll already have an idea. There’s no such thing as “bad” publicity and you Gene are playing THAT card to the hilt. When you were in KISS you people went into all sorts of media just to make a buck including but not limited to Dolls, comic books, and my personal “favorite” The Kiss Army Cafe who’s menu basically parodies your songs. The prices of the items sold are ridiculous but then when you pay for a name and not the product itself what do you expect right? The fact of the matter is that I have YET to see any musicians being “put out of work” because of file sharing (please provide names and years of recording if you even THINK of disputing this.) The reality is that the reason the record companies are fucked up financially is largely because of things like the RIAA–yet I don’t hear you saying SHIT about them. Hell I host a radio show and I can’t even play any signed bands without paying those useless fucks (RIAA), I mean why the fuck should I have to pay to play a song off an album I PURCHASED??? I made my donation to the industry the second the cashier took my money out of my hand. Another reason is because concert tickets themselves are ASTRONOMICAL ($300/seat to see the [not so]Rolling Stones? Give me a break…) The fact is that blaming ONLY file sharing (and to make it seem as if only college kids are doing it) is not only INCREDIBLY ignorant it’s just your own way of stirring the waters and hoping that you end up riding the waves in book sales. In short: Get Over Yourself and if you can’t make a sale without making waves well then maybe it’s just time for you to retire as it seems you are out of ideas and must resort to this foolishness.

  4. bradzilla says:

    Poor little Gene Simmons needed attention again.

    Hey Simmons, KISS is over so you have pretty much no claim to faim anymore. Pretty soon, no one is gonna know who the fuck you are so you might as well quit bitching and go back writing your damn book.

  5. enjo says:

    gene simmons only goes on about this because he has so much fucking money from selling all this stupid tacky as fuck kiss merch he’d never have to download anything.
    BUT he still wants more money??
    i hope he just buries himself in that book and maybe inspires himself further to DIE =]

  6. The Giffmeister says:

    Isn’t it those college kids’ parents and grandparents that went to the KISS shows? Welcome to the present and you’re making a lot of money anyway. Dang.

  7. Alex L says:

    Basically.. Gene has done a lot for music, but hes making a cock out of himself. He’s too old for this shit – i.e hes pissed because firefox bested him again

  8. CaedoTheWarlok says:


    Yet again another rockstar fucks himself in the ass. You know, we “collage” kids might only download a few songs, to find out if we like your shit. I did that, and I went out and bought a fucking cd, or boxed set. Is that enough for you Gene. just like poor little Lars, bitching about not being able to afford his 24k gold plated shark tank, to quote a few of these fellow users, blow us.

    Get the cock out of your ass, put on that bad ass bass, and do smomethin worth while, I am a bassist too, and I looked up to you. Until now… What the fuck man.

  9. J3SSY says:

    Gene’s opinion matters because??? Who gives a fuck?
    This is coming from someone that has marketed even toilet paper with the kiss logo. I agree with most of the responses here that he is just trying to find another way to get himself publicity. I don’t see why he is worried, I’m sure none of the freckled face college kids are downloading any of the crap he tries to pass over as music.

  10. Bobby Jensen says:

    I wouldn’t have gone after college kids. I would have gone after everyone that downloads music for free. Grandmas to grade school. Stealing is wrong on all levels. If you like a song from a group buy it show your support for those artists. Maybe then ticket prices to see them live would go down.

  11. Jeremy Smith says:

    OK, he does have a point. Downloading is a problem, but it’s not the college kids fault. If the programs to download music didn’t exist they couldn’t do it right? As long as these programs exist then people are going to use them. I also feel like the only reason he is saying anything about it now is because of the publicity to sell his book. Hell, I’ve downloaded music before. I’m not going to go pay $15-$20 for a CD because I like 1 song. I’ll check out a few more then if I like them I’ll go buy it. If not then screw it I saved myself some cash because the first single was good and your using it to sell me crap. I also agree with everyone saying concert tickets are insanely priced. I remember at one point in time going to see a HUGE band for $25-$35. Now to see someone of the same caliber is $100+ easy. That’s BS and you wonder why you aren’t making money. I can possibly understand $50 a show because of prices going up on everything, but to triple that in a few years is nuts. Do us a favor Gene, make shit affordable again and maybe, just maybe we’ll actually buy music instead of downloading it and we may even come out to some shows.

  12. lpkzach92 says:

    Man shut the fuck up.

    I mean really we don’t all have nice cars and big ass houses like he does. Thats why we use limewire and shit because we have to pay are bills and we need are music to live but we don’t all have the money for it.

    You should make music to help people not get rich off it.

    Fuck off dude.

  13. Voice of Reason..... says:

    Wow , everyone’s coming down hard on Gene! O.k., I agree that it’s not just college kids and maybe he is just trying to stir up publicity for his book but, Kiss and Gene Simmons are marketing geniuses and paved the way for alot of bands out there today. You can be critical of there music all you want as being simplictic but so was AC/DC, Motley Crue, Poison, Guns & Roses, LA Guns, Ted Nugent, Nazereth, Styx, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, the list goes on and on. The fact is, simplicity sells, even today. Nickle Back is a good example. All these bands were or are great ground breaking bands and had the ability to right great songs with great hooks. How many bands out there in the last 10 years have made it big without playing a single lead and played nothing but bar cords.

    I can remember and still have ticket stubs where I seen bands like, Heart, Judas Preist, Styx, Ozzy Osbourne, and numerous other bands for 5 to $8. I personally will never download anyone’s music for free and never have. With the resources out there now you can listen to bands music and sample their music without downloading it.

    It’s a well known fact that bands don’t make money from record sells. About $1 from a CD sold goes to the band but, if the band sells a million copies, It’s still a million dollars and of course the government get’s their share of that. Most of the money goes to the label, producers, etc. Most bands out there today are not getting rich. They make a living at it and it’s better than a day job and they get to do what they love to do. In the end they do it for the love of music and playing and the hope of maybe getting into other areas of music that they can fall back on after the band they made it in are no longer lucrative means of income.

    There was a time when bands were known as arena bands and they played nothing but arena’s, not clubs. It wasn’t uncommon to see nationals draw from 2500 to 20’000 at the door in ticket sales. With all the different genre’s of music now such as, rap, hip hop, boy bands, pop artist, country, R&B it’s hard for Hard Rock/Metal bands to draw and the metal scene as a whole sucks at the moment in terms of crowd draws and that’s where bands make their money. On the road doing shows and selling Merch.

    It’s true that ticket prices have gone through the roof and tripled if not quadrupled in price in the last few years but, so have gas prices,equipment,food,advertising, and so on. It cost alot of money to fuel those buses and haul all that crap around to have that huge stage show that you see with the top nationals and the truth is that todays stage shows don’t come close to some of the stage shows seen by bands like Pink Floyd, Queen, and yes,….Kiss!…..back in the day.

    So, I ask you to think about this the next time you download your favorite bands music for free. First, put yourself in their place. How would you like it if you spent your whole life busting your ass, which most musicians do to get to a national level, only to find that people can get your music for free and you can’t make a living at it and if you can, it’s a minimal at best. Second, everytime you do download free music your supporting the company’s that offer the software and making them money and taking money out of the pockets of the band which means they make less money. True, like i said ,bands don’t make their money from record sells but, record sells determine a bands standing in the charts, which in turn determines how much airplay they get, which in turn effects their ticket sales at the door of their live shows.

    Let’s take the band “In This moment” for example. I do not know the band personally but I’ve watch them for about 4 years on myspace. I watched them whore themselves out and build their page and friends list and I think they have been touring non-stop for about a year and a half maybe 2 years. I know a club owner that brought them in to their club recently, just before they started touring with Ozzy and other nationals and this club got them for $250. If you go to their page and look at their pics section you’ll find a pic of them in a Wal-Mart parking lot with a RV behind them in the pic. They’re basically going around the country in an RV sleeping in Wal-Mart parking lot’s or camp grounds cramped up in a RV stretching their money as far as it will go in the hopes that it will pay off. Being on a tour with Ozzy doesn’t mean you’ve made it. In alot of cases bands pay 30 to $40’000 dollars to get on that tour just for the exposure.

    So, in closing! My whole point here is this, support your scene, support your bands, buy there merch and CD’s and go see their shows. Whether on the local level or national level because they need your support! In the end, if you don’t, there will be no scene, no heavy rock/metal bands, and you’ll be stuck with Puff Daddy and, Britney Spears! It’s your choice! When there are no bands out there touring because they can’t make a living at it, you’ll have noone to blame but, yourselves.

    I’ve never been a big Kiss fan myself but I grew up with them regardless because they were that big. Gene Simmons has always said he was never in it for the money. He was in it for the pussy! For whatever reasons he made money and they were bigger than life. If you were in his position and could sell Kiss condoms and sit in your recliner and watch the money roll in, you’d do it too! The world is full of Kiss fans and as long as there are Kiss tribute bands, Kiss memorabilia, Kiss Cd’s and vintage vinyl albums floating around. nobody’s gonna forget him or Kiss and he’ll be around making money even after he’s gone. Just like Elvis or anyone else that had that kind of impact on the music world!


  14. Why Gene Why? says:

    Gene has sell us out!! What is gonna be next?

  15. Your mom says:

    He kinda is telling the truth

    alot of college kids are to cheap to buy cd’s and just download them illegaly because they are HIPPIES!

  16. Vegan Joe says:

    i love how every negative opinion of gene here is by kids who most likely download music. maybe gene is a cockbag, that’s not for me to say. i don’t know him personally. but it is definately wrong to download music. do i do it? yes i do. should i? probably not. i also am a musician and musicians work hard for every cent they get. it’s sad that a bar band will make more in a night than your everyday touring band. even a lot of bands that are in the mainstream right now survive off of very little and end up in debt really bad. but they do it anyway, for the entertainment of us all. so am i going to stop downloading music, probably not. however i am going to buy a cd every chance i get, because i know that the band worked hard on it and most likely won’t make much from it. but mostly because they bust their asses every single day and put themselves out there for little or no credit. so i’m not going to be the dad and be like don’t download. but definately remember this the next time you download something. they put their heart and soul into something that you’re going to pilfer off the internet and most likely never buy a copy of. don’t even bother trying to tell me i’m wrong because i’m not. i have lots of friends in touring bands that suffer because people download their music and will never show them the gratitude they deserve for putting themselves out there day after day suffering greatly financially to give you a good time on a weekend night with your money that mommy and daddy gave you. have a little heart! does this make me a hypocrite? maybe. but at least i’m willing to see that it is in fact stealing, and if i like it i go out and buy it every time, and if i don’t, i delete it. so maybe i’m not. think about who you’re hurting. and think about how nice most of those musicians are to a lot of you people. think about what they do for you.

  17. RobOZ says:

    History repeating I guess… thing’s talkin’ about sueing, another thing is ACTUALLY DOING it! Now sueing is a bomb under ARTIST’S asses you see ! :)

  18. Wolfreak_99 says:

    yep, downloading their songs must be illegal, especially since simmons set songs up to be able to download for free on

    yep real bad

  19. jb says:

    Gene is right about the RIAA not knowing how to run their business. They’ve ignored the digital distribution medium and my ears pay the price.

  20. 666INC says:


  21. steven says:

    College kids huh? why not kids? why not “people” why not high school kids? but he knows that college kids probably read books and he mentioned “college kids” so the college kids would be concerned and get his book when it’s first out. MAYBE i’m paranoid but it seems to be that way. also i’m not gonna talk shit or brag about gene, i can’t even name ONE kiss song, oh i’ve heard so much about “Detroit Rock City”
    yeah i don’t know more.I’m 22 but yeah i love sabbath and ledz and know their songs, not kiss, they just never got my attention, speaking of shows, a shit load of unsigned bands deserve to be in the light.look at metallica and slayer they never talk shit about bands all they say is ok we respect what new bands are doing it’s their thing. that’s why people always love slayer and metallica even though metallica are dicks sometimes, and them guys are in their late 30′s early 40′s and trust me no one is gonna call them old and say hey go fuck yourself you has been, also look at judas priest, they’re also metal gods, why aren’t they talking shit about new bands? Judas Priest are proud of the fact that they helped inventing heavy metal, look at the thousand’s of different sounds bands have…talking shit is not cool, but as long as it makes people talk i guess that’s what he wants, By the way pantera took off the cock rock outfits because they said we make the music not the outfits.. well said.. and oh if i make music, i have all the rights to give it to people for free, i don’t have to ALWAYS make money to be “cool” fuck it i do whatever the fuck i want with the music i create.

  22. ratchie says:

    come on gene. how much money have you made off of kiss? millions? and you are crying like a baby over a few thousand dollars of lost profit because some dumbass still listens to your crap and downloaded two songs off the internet. don’t bitch gene, you have made a fortune off of kiss already, and by whoring the kiss name into cologne and all kinds of other bullcrap, not to mention i’m sure that it is going to be whored in the years to come, insuring you make plenty of cash. come on gene, you are better than this.

  23. Tom says:

    I COMPLETELY agree with 27stitches. Gene’s just trying to pin the blame on someone else because Kiss’ time in the spotlight is fading away. They’re nowhere near as popular as they used to be (greatly do to his dumbass self), and he just can’t seem to accept that fact.
    And to “Your mom”- Grow the hell up dude.

  24. 27stitches says:

    kiss records aren’t selling because of downloading problems is a joke. it’s not selling because they suck. yes record companies are fucked but did anyone stop to think thats because of the gay shit most labels produce. white stripes, brittny spears, nysync. all number 1 bands yet i don’t know a single person that owns anyone of their cd’s and if i did i would so bust on them. radio doesn’t help promote anything that the record companies don’t pay for hence the lack of airplay for indie or unsigned bands. fix that and you will even the playing field for all of us.

  25. rick says:

    sorry folks but i agree with what gene is sayin here… im a musician for a living and pay bills with cd and merch sales.. if people can just get the shit free from the internet whats the use of even releasing records anymore? just my opinion friends..

  26. Evil Abe says:

    Here is the bottom line: Is it wrong to download songs for FREE, yes. Would you get up and go to work every day and work for FREE!? No musician should. Now, those of you who say “we are screwing the record companies.” That might be true to some extent, but even if the band gets $.10 (ten CENTS) off of that contract, you just stole from the artist. ANd, only about 2% of the bands out there can afford to let you **have** the song for FREE. So, you stole from the big bad corporation, but you also stoled from the hard working musician trying to make a living.

    So, this is my answer: If you download 1 or 2 songs as a gift from the band, GO BUY THE REST OF THE CD for $6-8!!!? Or, go see them on tour, or go buy a poster/hoodie/T-shirt.

    SUPPORT THEM IN SOME WAY?? It’s only fair if they GAVE YOU something FREE in the first place. No independent band is getting rich…that’s for sure. Someone like Gene Simmons has no right to talk the way he does when he has made HUNDREDS of MILLIONS!!

  27. Travis says:

    Um, Gene, you’ve made tons of money. I’ve even bought a couple of your CDs.

    Contrary to popular belief, college and high school age “kids” don’t have millions to buy every CD out there.

  28. Emnity says:

    i have to agree with the rest of you guys..
    KISS is dead, no one nowadays (unless your old) even listens to KISS…
    i had to rofl when i saw him make a TV show.. its plain as day, i mean, this guy is just some has-been thats trying to get in the publics eye..
    almost as lame as flavor flav coming out from under the trash pile, then being on TV…

    GENE: its over dood, give up.
    p.s. no one even liked your music that much, it was your stage show that brought in the fans.
    granted you have like 1! cool song..
    so dont bitch about people downloading music when no one listened to your music in the first place. your not losing money..
    no one gives as shit if your married or not, you look grotesque! you not going to find someone new, so stfu and retire to your beautiful mansion with your beautiful WIFE and kids…

    p.s.s. the next time u should be on the news is after your read this thread, realize your life is worthless and hang yourself.

    youve worn out your welcome

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