I F#cking Hate People Who Wear Band Shirts But Aren’t Damn Well Ready to Rock
December 3rd, 2007 at 9:21am

…its a facebook group, fine, but the description is by far the best part. Too bad, I have no idea who wrote this!

Dude, this fucking pisses my shit right off. So I’m in fucking Middlebrook at the U of motherfucking M [university of minnesota], and I’m leaving. I see some fucker in the hall, and he has a sweet Led Zeppelin shirt on. You know, the one with Icarus on it? Hell yeah! So, I don’t normally do this, but as he’s passing me, I say, “dude, sweet shirt.” He motherdamnasscocksuckingballfondling RAISES his FUCKING EYEBROW at me, and says in some snot ass tone, like the kind a weak ass might use if you ask them, “what are you listening to on your ipod,” and their all, “franz ferdinand…”, yeah, well anyways, he says “thanks…” FUCK THAT! You better be ready to bump fists, or run a train on some broad, or fucking at least give me a knowing smile. AT LEAST LEAVE YOUR EYEBROW AT THE FUCKING CURB, YOU SUV DRIVING IPOD TOTING STARBUCKS DRINKING CHIPOTLE EATING PIECE OF SHIT! By the way, your mom called. She said you better put on your Simple Plan sweater, THE WINDS OF THOR ARE BLOWING COLD BITCH!!