I F#cking Hate People Who Wear Band Shirts But Aren’t Damn Well Ready to Rock
December 3rd, 2007 at 9:21am

…its a facebook group, fine, but the description is by far the best part. Too bad, I have no idea who wrote this!

Dude, this fucking pisses my shit right off. So I’m in fucking Middlebrook at the U of motherfucking M [university of minnesota], and I’m leaving. I see some fucker in the hall, and he has a sweet Led Zeppelin shirt on. You know, the one with Icarus on it? Hell yeah! So, I don’t normally do this, but as he’s passing me, I say, “dude, sweet shirt.” He motherdamnasscocksuckingballfondling RAISES his FUCKING EYEBROW at me, and says in some snot ass tone, like the kind a weak ass might use if you ask them, “what are you listening to on your ipod,” and their all, “franz ferdinand…”, yeah, well anyways, he says “thanks…” FUCK THAT! You better be ready to bump fists, or run a train on some broad, or fucking at least give me a knowing smile. AT LEAST LEAVE YOUR EYEBROW AT THE FUCKING CURB, YOU SUV DRIVING IPOD TOTING STARBUCKS DRINKING CHIPOTLE EATING PIECE OF SHIT! By the way, your mom called. She said you better put on your Simple Plan sweater, THE WINDS OF THOR ARE BLOWING COLD BITCH!!



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  1. Britteny says:

    WTF so you can’t say thanx and be polite? that’s retarded!

  2. jimmy says:

    hahaha classic bro
    yeh i fuckin hate it when ppl just get band shirts to be cool
    lik iv seen some sweet ramones t shirts and ppl r lik “nah i dont reali lik em” and im lik “well r they fuck r u wearin it?”
    shits me off! hahaha

  3. Mikel says:

    Those emo’s are everywhere.

  4. stonerchick says:

    ‘has a sweet Led Zeppelin shirt on. You know, the one with Icarus on it?’

    If you knew shit about Led Zepp. you would know that is not icarus. nor is it apollo as some think. the piece of artwork is based on william rimmers painting titled “evening, fall of day” and that is satan in his descent from heaven.
    in zepp circles it is called swansong.

  5. Steven says:

    you might be a little too angry for something so simple BUT…dude…you may not know this so i gotta mention: almost every single person wearin’ a zepplin shirt is some tightwad preppy ass POSER actin like they know and THAT is who YOU probly ran into. it’s sad but true, man.

  6. Metal Mark says:

    Dude I dont wear 30 Seconds To Mars t-shirts hoping some neo-emo ass munch will walk up to me and say “hey…nice shirt.” But if I did I’d pop him plenty good in the jaw and run screaming down the street yelling “SLAYER!!!”

    Boring people need to fxxk off!

  7. My daughter is a bit goth and loves her Jimi Hendrix hoodie. At least, if you ask or say anything about Jimi, she will talk you to death about him and his music. Hmmm, could be cool, could be I’m in a hurry and was simply making small talk. More personally, I like you better if you actually know your music roots, no matter how young or old you may be.

  8. Lisa says:

    Or the best one….When I wear my Lamb of God shirt and people think it’s a Christian band! hahahahahhaa!!! Stupid Fuckers!!

  9. Judy says:

    That is too much. Thanks for making my day with this one.

  10. nicoleisawes0me says:

    LMAOOOO nicee!!
    you speak the truth.

  11. CFH says:

    whats worse is when people wear pantera shirts and dont know who dimebag is……dickheads.

  12. Ahahaha… I love that shit! I would’ve bitch slapped the dude for doing the eyebrow thing! Haha…

  13. william says:

    You have anger issues dude. Maybe the guy doesn’t give a rats ass what you think. Or perhaps you should of said “Led Zep” rocks. That would give him a chance to say something about the band. “Nice shirt” is lame and you’re a dork. “Thanks” was an appropriate response to some strange dude commenting about his clothes. He probably thought you were gay.

  14. Drivethrujedi says:

    I think this is fucking hilarious, I recently just bought a Led Zepplin shirt and have getting bashed by my friends that I don’t listen to them at all but for what they don’t know if they wouldn’t stop taking out my cds to listen to that mainstream rap crap then they would know. I went on a discussion about this many years ago back in the ol’ junior high days. My buddy and I decided if we were to wear a band’s shirt at least have the cd. I don’t care if your listening to fucking Madonna and wearing a Throwdown shirt. Its not about the way you dress that appeals to the music you listen to, its the way you listen to, promote, and feel about a band that makes you a fan(BTW, for all you little scene kids, If you think your the biggest fan of a band and only have listened to 1 song such as their hit single then I do have to send you a major fuck off).

  15. Ozzy Osgood says:

    Some people have too much money and not enough imagination. Whoever that was wearing that Led Zep shirt should have given it to me. I ripped up the one I bought in a cycling accident years ago, I love the shirt, I love the band, I’ve been hearing Stairway to Heaven since the day some guy in Glen Burnie MD was blasting it out of his house window WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT. And that kid wears the shirt without even knowing who it’s about??? Shit, I must be getting old. Oh well, at least I have the Black Sabbath 1978 Tour shirt that I bought AT THE MALL six months ago. ;)

  16. parise says:

    yu tell tht poser we need more people like yu showing wht a true rocker is not5 some hasbeen wearing a fucking band shirt just to impress some fucking milf

  17. Jay says:

    Fuckin’ eh. If I’m at a show with my Pantera or Hatebreed t-shirt on, you’d better be ready for me to throw down and kick some serious ass. All these poser emo kids who wear shirts with good bands on them piss me off. They try to act like they like good music because deep down they know that emo sucks and noone in these bands will truly last. I’d love to see if any of these kids even name another Zeppelin song besides Stairway to Heaven. At least I know what I’m listening to when Houses of The Holy or Dancing Days comes on.

  18. harrison 5 says:

    atleast keeping the names and artwork in the public eye is a good thing.I’m wearing a zep tshirt on my music page.
    I don’t know every song and everything there is to know about Zepp and i’ve been a fan since 79 or so. I moved into a house and the previous tenent had left me some albums.I started playing guitar and bass that year. My son 11, likes the Iron Maiden t’s. he has 2.But he knows maiden when he hears it. We we’re in the car and “run to the hills” came on.he turned to me and said ‘ white man came across the sea,brought us pain and misery” during the intro. He wants a sabb shirt.
    I said when you can tell me every song off volume 4, I’ll get you one. i always hated school, but this is one homeschool class my kid will not miss.the history of our rock.my own songs have mellowed out over the years.But i still play sabb, zepp, priest, scorpions,rush,kiss and enjoy them as if I was 16 again.

  19. Kaiser says:


  20. melo says:

    That’s why I don’t buy shirts for bands I don’t know or listen to. Practice what you preach.

  21. kevin says:

    Im sayin…..i dress fresh with finess. i got style in my wear, and i do have some band shirts, not gay metallica shirts or old shit, DEATH METAL shirts like corpse (im wearing it right now actually), necrophagist, slayer, skinless etc….well im in the mall in fuckin radioshack wearing my necrophagist tshirt and this fat huge neanderthal kid with long hair and glasses, looks like when hes done with his daily 3 hour mall walk, he goes home, plays dungeons and dragons and listens to dragon force, says “nice shirt” , im like no FUCKIN shit, if im wearing it i know its a nice shirt, i dont go wearing fuckin underothe fuckin gay atreyu shirts, i listen to the brutalest death metal out there…i play the drums, guitar and the bass….find a metal head more into it than me, and another note, fuck roots, i have inspiration from other bands, but when i play its nothin but metal. no fuckin zepplin, cuz its way to slow and old, get with the program, pick up your old person walker and smash it into the face of the guy standing next to you, this is NEW SKOOL…..old skool has been updated…..fuck the past, it cant be changed we have to focus on progressing the music until we have mastered every single tone, thats what its about, not a fuckin tshirt..

  22. Joseph says:


    If I stick my fist out when your wearin a pantera shit you better bump it. Or I just might miss and my fist might give your face a friendly little kiss.

  23. Michelle says:

    yea…i hate those emo lame kidz, like the other day i was wearing a job for a cowboy shirt, and an emo girl who says she listen to metal and she told me “oh, i like your shirt, is like all dark and gothic” i was like wtf?

    i hate when they wear bands and never listen to them…that’s fucking lame that they are!!!!

  24. kevin lampo says:

    the last show i went to was unearth at toads, and i got royally kicked in the face by some scene kid, and beleive me i got jacked the fuck up. but i got mad props from all the bands when the show was over cuz they saw it all go down and i kept myself in the pit till the end of suicide silence……the drummer ended up buyin me a slice of pizza cuz i smoked him up…..and i told him im mainly a drummer as well….

  25. [...] I Fcking Hate People Who Wear Band Shirts But Aren’t Ready To Rock [...]

  26. Pete "Meat" says:

    Preach it dude, I hate those mother fuckers too, I was talkin to this dude one time who was wearin a Metallica shirt, the one with the flaming skull on it. Anyway, I asked him his favorite song and he said and I quote “I like Peace Sells, they did good on that song” Ok, now I’m also a Megadeth fan (never as much as ‘Tallica) and I’m a big fan of that album, BUT I almost killed the guy, people dont think and will wear a shirt if it looks good having no regard for the band, that is just plain bullshit!!

  27. Cody (Nightmare) says:

    Fucking skaters in my school r the sma way. They wear an AC DC shirt and it’s like hey do even listen to them and then u ask them to name one song and the only they can come up with is the one the goddamn shirt. Every band shirt I own is of a band I listen to everything I can of them.. POSER NEED TO GO POSE FOR A DICK SUCKING MAGAZINE IF THEY WANNA WEAR OUR LIFESTYLE!!!

  28. Cody (Nightmare) says:

    I just read something that brutally pisses me off more than anything I’ve ever heard or read in my life.. Kevin in comment number 21 says “Fuck Roots” blah blah blah… “U can’t get more metal than me”. This is the guy we should be ranting about. He says that death metal is the only good metal.. “Metallica, Sabbath, AC DC, Motorhead” is all old “SHIT”.. I will admit it’s old but it’s still alive and still pumpin fists in the air.. Without it, there would be no death metal or any of what there is today.. U can’t be a true metal fan unless u listen to it all.. I listen to everything from Henrix to Slipknot. I listen to everything. That and also correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t some of the old stuff require a little more talent than some of the new death metal.. I mean alot of death metal today is just screaming and power chords. But yet nobody can shred a guitar like Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen or Dave Mustaine, but yet by “Kevins” standards that means nothing that all the old stuff paved the road for what he likes.

  29. Doug says:

    Dude! If i am wearing Slayer, and someone says “Awesome shirt” i Give em the Horns! \m/ I’m tired of people wearing band shirts and don’t know what the fuck it is.

  30. S!X says:

    honestly i cant stand that shit,….
    yea i wherealot of band shirts,….. really thats about all i wear,…..but inall seriousness,…

    i cant stand when someone comes up to be and askesme,..”dude is that your band??”
    orsomething stupid like that.
    i really dont know what this wholelittle rant was and is about but know what that guyis saying ,…. sorat,..

  31. Pete "Meat" says:

    I completely agree with Cody (Nightmare)#28, that Kevin guy is a complete moron. The new death metal sucks, all this new garbage with the drum machines, bullshit guitar, and random yelling and squealing into the mic is just a bunch of trash. Basically any band that wears corpse paint and has a gross name is just a no-talent, half ass band. They have no real talent and take credit away from ACTUAL bands that exist these days. A prime example is Cradle of Filth. This band is so bad it makes me wonder why they get record sales, Do people really listen to that shit regularly!? Too bad metal is dying due to these “death metal” and “Black metal” bands of today. Their killing the actual intensity of metal by basically eliminating the aspect of “LYRICS” and “RYTHYM” and they think in their own stupid heads that their doing metal a favor. I weep for the future of music. Pretty soon all metal will be gone and we’ll be stuck with this growling, squealing, drum machine, garbage. As a drummer I see little to no talent among these new “death metal” drummers, all they have to do is flip a switch on the bass machine and hit the snare a few times. I know this is really long, but I needed to make a point, and those black metal fans that are gonna bash this comment, bring it on, I’m ready to defend my statements, have a nice day!

  32. WenZee says:

    Who’s this LED ZEPPELIN this guy wrote about???

    Just kidding people! Please don’t throw rotten fruit my way.

    That is funny.

    Me thinks said facebook guy may have had a bit too many Cappaccinos at Starbucks….

  33. pure says:

    “Lisa Says:

    Or the best one….When I wear my Lamb of God shirt and people think it’s a Christian band! hahahahahhaa!!! Stupid Fuckers!!”

    lmao ive gotten that to..

  34. Anonymous says:

    wellmaybe the guy thought you were an asshole for saying nice shirt and felt he need not respond
    or maybe he forgot what shirt he put on in the morning i know i have.

    anyway basically it’s just lighten up… soon we will all be dead

  35. cameron says:

    Right on man. I see that fucking shit in my school all the time..I’ll comment someone on a Trivium, Pink Floyd, Slipknot, nirvana, Job for a cowboy shirts and there all like who the fuck are they??? It makes me so pissed. I make most of them take off the shirt or go look the bands up. Hot topic should ask them if they know anything about the band before they go trying to look like they rock…

  36. pat says:

    yeah i get that Lamb of God shit all the time. i get a kick from it, because it is for from it. Reminds me of the redneck music video.

  37. mitch says:

    anyone found this group?! i want to join!

  38. JP says:

    fuckin a, sure u right.
    those who where band tees without knowing shit about the band lack morality. its fuckin common sense.u dont know the band, dont wear the shirt. if i got the shirt, best believe i got the albums nearby.

    ooh and whats worst is these ppl who listen to nothin but rap, have no intellect whatsoever about rock, and decide to wear a band tee like they listen to it. if u see that, call em out, ask em to name some songs or even artists. im sure you’ll laugh a few yucks.

  39. Rachel says:

    Ha ha. Funny really. I only buy shirts of bands I like. Sad to say, I can’t get every shirt I want. So anyways.
    The thing I hate the most is the fact that ‘Emo’ is in. And then we have these posers wearing their pink, girly shit with death metal shirts.
    God, it gives me the chills.
    Also, it just so happens that people hate ‘emo’ kids.
    What do you know? That person just likes to dress like that. That’s how they are. Let them mind their own damn business.
    I go through labeling every day. I listen to MCR, and they are my favorite band. Before you know it, some girl wearing the same MCR shirt as me comes up to me and goes, “Hey! I looove your shirt! Like, ohmygosh. I love them sooo much!”
    I go,”Thanks. What’s your favorite song?”
    She says, “I don’t know…. I guess mine would have to be Welcome To The Black Parade. What about you?”
    “I dunno…. I guess Helena or Demolition Lovers.”
    Her response: “HUH?”

    Lolol. I just laughed and walked away.

  40. fuckin a, gad dam emo kids get in the pits with their pussy ass “horse the band” shirts and shit, and im running around the pit, like a pcp driven maniac, with my mayhem shirt on kickin them in the knee cap and throwin them to the exit gate, so us real fuckin metal heads dont have to deal with them, FUCK THOSE PUSSY ASS EMO KIDS, YOUR METAL IS FAKE BITCH

  41. James says:

    it’s unfortunate that Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Ac/Dc, Pink Floyd, and Hendrix have all basically been mass produced and can be found in every regular clothes store now…since when were …And Justice For All shirts being sold at Jc Penny, and Hendrix shirts filling up Walmart? Most people I know claim to hate metal because they confuse it with nu-metal. They listen to rap and hip-hop, and like a few rocks songs from the bands I listed above and claim to be fans. I say until you’ve listened to Pantera, Type O Negative, Megadeth and Slayer…you have no idea what metal truly is about.

  42. Lunchbox says:

    (BTW, for all you little scene kids, If you think your the biggest fan of a band and only have listened to 1 song such as their hit single then I do have to send you a major fuck off)

    ^ I love it

    L egalize
    S piritual
    D iscovery

    I hate it when kids look at a wierd “poster art” shirt and act like im wearing a picture of a naked dude railing a horse (although it sounds like a sweet t-shirt) if I wear an “eat a Peach” shirt Im some kind of fag because its not trivium (who iv probably seen more times than these fags). alsow when i pulled out my blind faith CD they say its gross yet wich is awsome because these little pussys think im scared of slayer HA I say ! Iv listened to metal and payed my time in the halls of rock so fuck everyone else

  43. Axxx says:

    i think that u “so called” metalheads are over reacting a little bit… Yeah, i llisten to Lamb of God, Pantera, Hatebreed, Nile, Strapping Young Lad, but i think u are all talk and no fight… i have had my share of throwdowns in the moshpit but u guyz are just plain stupid… u guyz are braggin bout how ur so metal, that u woulda beat the shit out of him right there… u know u wouldnt… so quit saying u would… it gets old… im a Zeppelin fan… i dont think what this kid did was right… but its society these days… old music is in… now the dude who found the article never once asked anything bout the BAND… he said something bout the SHIRT. if he wanted to make an effect, he shouldve said… “Sweet Band” and then maybe this whole thing wouldnt have happened, and they would have talked about the band instead of just assuming he knew nothing bout them

  44. Okay here’s a better link to th video I’m talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CooWivqYEeQ

  45. Yourmomsinmycloset says:

    I gotta agree with #43 you guys are gettin a little overboard on this shit. I listen to all sorts of shit and seen all the lil kids runnin around with the hottest hot topic of the month shirt and ya its kind of annoying but wtf cares. I even have a story about this guy that was wearing a deftones shirt who came up and asked me who was on the radio while a deftones song was playing. Ya its pathetic but thats fashion get over it. But christ all this “I’M SO FUCKIN METAL I’M GROWING HORNS OUT OF MY ARSE!!!!!” shit gets annoying too. Your acting just like all these “I’M SO EMO I SLIT MY THROAT IN 3 PLACES LAST NIGHT!!!!!” kids. I’ve had tons of people say hey sweet shirt! I’m not a very talkative person so I say thanks and move on. Doesn’t mean I don’t know the band. Maybe he was in a hurry maybe he just didn’t wanna talk or maybe he didn’t know zep who the fuck cares. Point is some people even though they are big fans of music might not get as crazy as some of you obviously do. Either that or your all like 15 year olds on riddlin.

  46. TBPATW says:

    In Response to Rachel (#39) comment:


    I run the site on MySpace called The Black Parade Around The World, and it seems some of the kids there are fucked in the head.

    I Heard Helena first, back a few YEARS ago, and went out and bought I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love because I didn’t WANT to look like a fucking moron for liking them. Most people nowadays either squeal like pre-pubescent boys or scoff at me for liking them. Either I hear: “OOOOMG, I luuurve that band!!1!” or “FUCKIN’ EMO BITCH! go slit your throat…”

    I haven’t been a fan since their *very first performance*, but I know more about that band than most. I can honestly say I LOVE My Chemical Romance, for so many MANY reasons.


    I also listen to:

    Lamb Of God
    Rob Zombie
    Bullet For My Valentine
    Iron Maiden
    Ozzy Ozbourne
    System Of A Down
    …and many more!

  47. T.Black says:

    Holy fuck shit! I just busted a blood vein in my head from laughing so much @ # 44. “Take off your T-shirt”! Bravo/Brillant/Brainstorm! Can anyone say “American Midol”! i’m tired….

  48. ac/dc
    arch enemy
    the acacia strain
    black sabbath
    burnt by the sun
    cannibal corpse
    dream theatre
    dying fetus
    fear factory
    guns and roses
    iron maiden
    job for a cowboy
    lamb of god
    morbid angel
    napalm death
    pink floyd
    six feet under
    static x
    system of a down
    van halen

    i got a lil of everybody in there…. its stupid to ‘love’ the new school with no appreciation for the old school

  49. michelle says:

    brutal dude brutal thats real fucked up what a fuckin poser man you should’ve fuckin drop kicked his ass then said thats how we do it metal style!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Ryan says:

    Im tired of everyone expecting you to know the history of every band and defend it with all your might.
    I dont even like led Zeppelin.
    His vocals suck, the guitar is mediocre and the drums are a ramble of shit.
    Stop considering everyone who wears a Led Zeppelin shirt and doesnt know everything about it as an an emo.
    Get over it people. I love plenty of classic rock, just only good classic rock. I love Blue Oyster Cult, The Beatles, Rush, Yes, so many good bands, Led Zeppelin isnt one.

  51. Anonymous says:

    haha, there are a bunch of good death metal bands that are good musicians and that CAN shred,, all shall perish, necrophagist, the faceless,, dude.. come on, haha, and to what the dude said about pantera and the people who where their shirts not even knowing who dimebag was….. thats shitty

  52. Brendan says:

    dude… your’re fucking chessy as hell… get a life… it’s not the big of a deal.

    …all of you are… I live for music… but I’m not gonna hold a grudge against someone who doesn’t feel the same…

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