Sing Live With Queensryche!
January 23rd, 2008 at 7:19am


These guys are hitting the road again which if you didn’t know me, you might think would lead to a rant about bands needing to quit! Phht… no way! Queensryche still has “it” whatever “it” is that made them ridicuously popular back in the day. In my opinion, they have at least this tour and maybe a couple more ahead of them. 

If you’ve ever wanted a shot to sing on stage to a ton of people this contest they are running is for you — they are giving everyone the chance to 1)sing on stage with them and 2) record on their next album.

So how do you enter? check out for details. You’re going to have to be able to record yourself singing to their backing tracks and submit an MP3 to enter…and you can read the rest at the link.


2 Comments to “Sing Live With Queensryche!”

  1. felicity says:

    I would love to sing with this band…they are extremely gifted artists and have the energy and the image to rock my world all day and night. I have performed ( singing) with some cool cats as a back up singer…The Beautiful Ctreatures,Bang Tango. TaE Bullet Boys Juan Corrabi The Hollywood All Stars ect ect

    but to siong with your band would be the ultimate dream come true….and I look great doing it!

    my number is *** *** ****

    best e mail is


    EDIT: We have nothing to do with this contest – please click the links to enter. also – NEVER POST YOUR PHONE NUMBER OR OTHER CONTACT INFO ON PUBLIC FORUMS!! BE CAREFUL

  2. terry blake says:

    i suck at singing but would love to be with this band on stage some where they are awesome live saw them last year with heaven and hell and alice cooper what an incredible show

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