Why I Wouldn’t Bother With Myspace If I Were in a Band
February 4th, 2008 at 8:38am

I barely pay attention to my myspace account these days. It seems whenever I log in, I have 30 comments to approve and the majority are bands letting me know about their show several states away. I guess I could turn these off somehow (like not let bands add me for one) but I’m too lazy to bother.

This got me thinking: What would I do with myspace if I were trying to promote a band? I realized, I wouldn’t even bother with it. Now, it is only fair to say that I haven’t ever really been in a band so I am talking strictly as a music fan and observer. Anyway, here are some of my reasons:

  1. It is impossible to stand out: Since every single band on the face of the earth, touring/signed/notsigned/crappy/good/whatever is on myspace and trying to get noticed on myspace it is impossible to stand out. I don’t care how good you are – you will not get listened to by the average user of myspace. You probably won’t be listened to by even the typical music fan on myspace. There is just so much now that most users are ignoring all bands on there anyway.
  2. You have no control over the site: Sure, a bit of CSS goes a long way to making your myspace page look “cool” but you can not control THEIR crappy programming that allows stuff in comments that can give other people viruses. Worse, you can’t control how fast or slow the page loads. Half the time their MP3 player seems to be having errors and won’t play. That’s nice – you finally got someone to click to your page and now your music won’t play.
  3. Since only “friends” make comments - you will not get realistic feedback: Your fans love you and are the ones who will add you. You family loves you and will also add you. Who is going to tell you that those new pictures look lame and the latest song sucks? None of them. Anyone else who is looking at your page will just close the window if they think you suck so where will you get your feedback. As you add more and more friends that say stuff like “cool page” and “thanks for the add” you risk believing the hype and never improving.
  4. Makes you lose focus: Bands should be out playing!! People want to experience your music live and 90% of your effort should be placed on this. Stuff like myspace has created a huge pile of musicians who imagine themselves as awesome marketers and spend their free time learning about how to get more plays of their songs online instead of actually being out there and playing.
  5. If you get a ton of online fans, it can be a pretty useless fanbase: Let’s talk straight business. You want to have people at your shows, sell merch, and sell CDs. People online typically don’t want to pay for music – whether you agree with that or not. Also, having fans all over the world may mean your local shows draw no one , so you won’t get paid. There is something to be said for creating a real life community of fans in your hometown. These people are much more likely to support you by buying CDs , attending your shows, and telling their (REAL LIFE) friends how much you rule. Since they know you as a person, and have met you – it just makes it easier. You can slowly expand this group as you play more out of town shows.

Later, I’ll post what I would do instead. Maybe I would have a myspace page, but I would NOT be a friend adding machine – and it would be a small part of a very different type of online music strategy.

Edit: See the second post here: If I were in a band: How I Would Promote Online


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  1. eric hebert says:

    I see your points, but would disagree. MySpace is still an important tool. There are ways to stand out. I am curious to hear “what you would do instead”.

  2. antagonist says:

    ummm well people do look for local bands and artists using myspace so it is a valuable tool. there are forums where artists can get true feedback on their songs. It gives you website that you can build and maintain for free, that you can send promoters and venues to to see what your all about. If you check up your profile views against your plays then you can get an idea about weather people dig your stuff or not. Its a way to let your fans know whats going on and where you’ll be performing. Yes there are alot of bands on myspace but thats the way it is off line too. Only a small percentage of artists will ever become famous or prosperous. thats just the way it is. Myspace is about networking and if done right can be benifical. But not being a musician, guess you wouldn’t know that huh. If you don’t wanna be bothered by bands change your settings, simple.

  3. antagonist says:

    another point, if your a small time band or artist you can sell digital copies of your songs via myspace, cdbaby, amazon.com, etc. No one really buys CD’s anymore. and small bands and artists songs usually don’t show up on file sharing systems so it is a good way to actually sell your music. I mean is best buy gonna cary my cds? What if you don’t have an independent record store in your town where local artists can sell their albums?Then the only way to sell CD’s is at shows. This way fans all over the world can purchase a song or an entire album from the comfort of their computer.

  4. I must say since we’ve joined myspace our fan base has improved greatly. We get alot more show offers at clubs within our area. We met alot of bands that we play mega shows with. Yet, we dont do random invites. Most of our friends have sent us invites. We go thru make sure there not BOTS.

  5. Paws says:

    Im not in a band but I do have a TON of friends in bands. I find it useful to keep up/track of who is playing where and planning my weekend to get out and see that live show!

  6. Christine says:

    myspace has enabled my BF’s band to be noticed by famous musician-Richard Patrick for one, and also by producer Sylvia Massey…he’s also had the opportunity to record with former Filter bass player Frank Cavanagh…now tell me myspace is useless. Things are moving along nicely. Also-2 magazine interviews to speak of thus far….fans are requesting the bands friendship…just yesterday…a girl who was browsing the grunge bands requested friendship. word of mouth is also powerful.

    And about no one buying cds anymore to antagonist…this may be somewhat true…but most of SEIVE’s fans are requesting a disk…they don’t want mp3′s….i thought that was weird…

  7. Mike Frank says:

    I think you’ve drawn some strong points, but the pros weigh out the cons 10 to one.
    Think about pre-myspace local band life. Fliers passed out at shows end up on the floor at the end of the night. They get torn down on telephone poles and bus stops. And they don’t speak or keep in touch with fans, do they? They can’t send you a funny video or leave a funny comment just to keep good relations with fans, do they? Myspace has given beginning bands the opportunity to build strong networks and keep them strong. But if they don’t know how to use it right, well everything you just mentioned is true.
    Here’s how I feel:
    1. Standing out in the world of music is something musicians should be used to. It’s been tough since the beginning. Do you really think that myspace hasn’t helped? It certainly didn’t make it any harder. If your in a band and want to go all the way, the it’s up to you to do your best, give the people something that gets their attention and keeps it. If you can’t do that on myspace your never gonna do it in the rest of the world, and your in the wrong profession.
    2. As far as the page goes, if you want to stand out that much then do what you’ve got to do. Get a designer or learn how to do it yourself. National level acts have gorgeous myspace pages with totally customized formats using CSS Overlays. And there are ways around the myspace player not loading. There are endless way to embed your own players into a myspace page, and that doesn’t take a designer. Myspace made a barebones data interface. It’s your job to do the best you can with it.
    3. My business myspace, for music, isn’t a family plan. Be smart, network the people that matter. Number one, you can’t count on the average passer-by on myspace, that can be true. So do the best you can with what you’ve got. Go out and find them yourself. Keeping a healthy network on myspace is the same as keeping good friendships. Most users’ experience on myspace happens at their Home page, not on their profile, or yours. How your page looks isn’t nearly as important as what YOU do with your myspace. Do you talk to the people on your friends list? How prolific are you in the bulletin list? Have any of the people on your myspace ever seen you around the area? These are all just basic networking technique and it’s the single biggest resource a band has on myspace.
    4. You know where most people find out about local music concerts??? MYSPACE. Do you think 18-30 years olds are reading the paper to find out what’s going on this weekend?? This is just absurd, because bands had very few ways to advertise shows before myspace. Like I said before, fliers end up in trash cans. So you have to pay a promoter to get started? Not anymore.
    5. Ok, so let’s just take the internet down all together. It’s nothing compared to a good street team!
    Like I said before, the effectiveness of your network is up to you. Don’t friend-request people in Singapore. Build your network with people that are in and participating in your area’s music scene, and keep good, consistent contact with them. Do the best you can with what you’ve got. And if you want to stand out above the rest, in any part of music, songwriting, playing, any part, your going to have to do better than the rest. Apply the same mentality to your marketing and networking on myspace.

  8. LoNeWoLf says:

    With all do respect I definately disagree.True you can aquire “friends” that visit the site once and never return.My thought would be you have to have content people want to come back to.That arguement could apply to any site.

    Second, it takes time but I personally check out each musicians site that asks for a friend add.If a person has no info on themselves,just started the page, or have no friends..it may be spam.Time consuming but I have never gotten spam adds by doing this.

    With my “page 2″ I focus more on bands in my sorrounding area.Readers are updated by bands playing gigs daily.Gives people from the area an opportunity to know who’s playing where that night.

    Myspace for some reason has gotten a bad rap lately.In cyber land…just like in real life, if you aren’t careful as to who you choose as friends you are looking for trouble.With 212 million plus subscribers, there is always going to be a few bad apples in the bunch.



  10. jamesngames says:

    hey bro, if you depend on myspace alone ‘your right’ and if you get on up out there ‘your right too!’ you gotta do what you gotta do…

    have a great 2008


  11. Kevin says:

    myspace is a free place to put you music and pictures and all your info on…. why not use it. and our myspace page lets people in our community know of our upcoming shows… therefore our local fanbase knows and they attend our shows. without myspace they wouldnt know about our shows… therefore no one attending our shows. mypsace is a bands best friend.

  12. Karen says:

    JUST USE YOUR OWN COMMENT BOX! Leave little messages….I do that on my page. I play around with my friends leave a funny comment! They come to my page just to see what I said that day…They *SEE* my page not just return a comment. Then you don’t have to run around commenting everyone! And people still get a small taste of what you’re doing and thinking…Not what you did or thought 2 weeks ago! Blogs are fine, do that once a month…But they take time to write and read! How long does it take to comment your own box… Comment a comment on your page? Your own page? People aren’t using the comment box correctly. Example: A friend once left me a comment and asked “Why’d you leave a comment in your own comment box?” I replied: “Because I can!” Thats what the ADD COMMENT button is for…When I have time, I go and visit my friends but I don’t have to run around droppin’ comments everywhere everyday! GET IT? NEXT: I get bored going to different pages and there’s nothing new…I like to be recognized and not ignored…If I’ve left you 10 comments and I get no responce…See ya! And change the music, throw up everything you got old & new…Keep the first few new, but change out the last 2 with other stuff you’ve done, Billy’s had the same stuff up for 6 months already…Artists leave the same stuff up for months and it gets boring…Just come to my page and check-out how I do the comment thing…And I’m not a musician or artist!

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  14. Fallens0far says:

    being the owner of a promotion shop and having been in about out of bands since my balls dropped… i have noticed since myspace came around it makes things a hell of alot easier for bands to talk back and forth and even venues have myspace now… myspace has been a great resource for committed bands… it does take some effort, but it is not like you are going to play your first gig and boom be number one in the world…. this isnt the first time i have heard people complain about bands on myspace… but the amount of bands that i know that have myspace to thank for huge shows that are states away from there home crowd…. yeah there are kinks in the players and what not, the benefits myspace has for bands that really wanna do something with there life then play the same hand full of bars for the same hand full of people are unending….

  15. FACT: More artists are getting record deals based on their myspace success than being discovered in clubs.

  16. Jamie C says:

    Soulja Boy is rich thanks to promotion of myspace.

    The guy who wrote this obviously wasn’t thinking straight, the part about: “It is impossible to stand out:”, “Bands should be out playing!!”

    If every band in the world IS playing (which they more or less are) then people will be even less interested in the millions of bands out there gigging if they have to pay to hear them.

    Myspace helped my band greatly in the past. It gave us access to many different promoters, helped us contact other bands about equipment when gigging, let promoters hear our tracks so they would give us a gig, helped create a small fanbase within different towns close to ours so when we gigged there people came.

    But most importantly Myspace has helped for us to promote our gigs. Instead of going round town handing out leaflets I can just post a few bulletins.

    Also, I’ve found so many decent bands on myspace that I would never have found without it.

    Okay sure, I only listen to about 20 seconds of every band that adds me. But that’s because their music is just average and sound like every other band around at the moment. As soon as I hear that one note that catches my attention, I’m hooked. And thanks to Myspace, that band has gained another fan and I’ve found another band that I love.

    Basically I think that this guy is missing the point and would be HUGELY missing out if he didn’t use myspace to promote his band. (If he was in one)

    I would much rather have a website that gains people from all over the world access to my music than having to spread the word by talking to a few friends.

    And besides, if he doesn’t like myspace there’s always bebo.

  17. poobreath says:

    panic at the disco got signed cause that guy out of fall out boy found their myspace.. panic didnt even play a single show before they got signed… yeah myspace is useless LOL

  18. MrsBarnes says:

    no no no, Now that I know it was responsible for Panic at the Disco I know it is much worse that useless ;)

  19. thyra says:

    I respectfully disagree….I have found a number of local bands here. It’s been great for me…as a fan.

  20. Hey myspacers,just some input to say something good about being a working musicisian with a myspace music page. I’ve been on here for over a year and have gotten some really great gigs from people stopping by to listen. I use this site to post my gigs and also keep in touch with other musicisians. I am out in the world doing as many gigs as I can,(that is the single most important thing a musicisian can do) I know that some myspace musicisians buy their profile views and listens to put themselves on the top of the charts,this has cheapened this site in that respect. It says a lot about the way some bands/musicisians are,taking the easy route. It really is a great promotinal tool for any working musicisian. One thing to consider,have respect for the working musicisians,the ones that are pounding the pavement to get gigs. I think that most musicisians look down on the ones that buy their way to the top. I think most of the ones that do this are dilusional. At least thats how I see it…

  21. poobreath says:

    i actually agree myspace should hang its head in shame for the creation of panic

  22. Revrend Deadbob says:

    I don’t give a shit either way! I have made more money with myspace than lost, I’ve got more sit-in work lately, studio time and the chance to put it out there for free! If they listen, fine! If not, fine! I don’t care. It’s all about me anyway. I have been playing non stop 1990 so this myspace shit don’t make that much of a deal to me. I will always make a living playing music because I have the talent and skill to adapt to nearly any genre and don’t need no tab or sheet to play, my ear and 30 years on the road experience allow me to write my own book! Myspace music is just another tool for the weak to try to be somebody, they seem to forget that talent is required! If you need this then you should re-evaluate your place in the business! And by the way, who really gives a fuck? I just wrote this to kill time before I smoke my breakfast blunt and head to the studio! Practice BITCHES!

  23. MARK EDWARD says:


  24. eden says:

    Comments are left for everyone else to read, so it does not matter if you are a few states away from the show someone that reads the comments on your space may be in the area. If it were meant for you alone they would send you a message. Bands put up posters for everyone to see not just at there friends houses.

  25. J.D. Steagall says:


  26. Ascaris says:

    A lot of what we end up using myspace for is communications with other bands – mostly for the purpose of setting up shows, where we DO get new fans – and letting people we’ve been talking to personally check out some of the band’s music. For the fans we already have, it’s a convenient way of making information about shows (especially the addresses of the venues) available.
    There are a lot of other uses for myspace with music. I think the main concern here is that, honestly, spamming people with “come listen to my band” is useless. Marketing on a more personal level is VASTLY more effective . . . and if you make an effort, myspace can help with that as well.

  27. moshpitguy13 says:

    If a band sends me a request, I will listen to most bands and leave a comment if I feel the music is good, but alot of the time, I can’t be asked. So yeah, I just support the bands who sent me requests when I first joined or local bands. I simply don’t have the time or money to support every single fucking band I add. I’m 17 for fuck sakes, but for some bands, Myspace is a great way to get noticed. So I agree and disagree with this.

  28. Drivethrujedi says:

    Amist the bots and the fake people, I do have to disagree with you on this. I understand how the programming and all that jazz you have said may be true but Myspace is a great marketing too to help promote a band and its a lot easier to get more people due to being Myspace.

  29. Freaky~ says:

    Its one of the best places to have your music heard, listened to and stolen from for free! I think its a great tool for others to hear … share bills with other bands from the area and meet new fans. Thats the extent of myspace for us. Sure you’ll always get the annoying idiots who spam you when they sneeze and have to share it every ten minutes as a bulletin, but you have the honor of deleting them.
    Theres always a downside to things. For myspace it is how many crappy bands can promote so good. Its funny seeing some “Joe smoe” band with 20,000 friends and someone like ledzeppelin with only 10,000.
    Still its the best free way to get your music out there even without knowing how to actually build a website. Plus, myspace promotes your name on search engines. Not too bad.
    It certainly beats the old days when you snail mailed flyers and it cost you an arm and a leg to get 20 people in the door at a show. Or have to hand out every disk you made just so people could hear ya.

    Never Enough Bullets~
    (Our horrible myspace info:)


  30. AS says:

    even bad publicity is a good thing.

  31. Anonymous says:

    LOL ppl I know personally got signed BECUZ of MYSPACE you ob: said your a music fan that’s where your coming from…:)

  32. Robbo says:

    I agree with your article. I only add local bands whose music I like (and national acts I am a fan of to keep up on things). But I would also say it has helped my friends band some, it has enabled them to book gigs outside of the Buffalo area. Playing live is still the ultimate way to win someone over and myspace helps fans keep up on gig dates, especially for small bands who may not even get mentioned in the local paper.

  33. Sean Mooer says:

    I got to tell you that I totally disagree with your statement here. Our following has grown by leaps and bounds because of myspace plus, it is the biggest networking tool on the net to date. I can talk to both national and unsigned bands on it and some of our best shows were booked because of it. You want to get feed back? Don’t become a myspace whore. Every “friend” we have asked us to be a friend. We get a pretty good idea of who is talking about us, what creates a buzz… etc. Yeah… it is very important to have a real .com as we do and we don’t rely on just myspace… there are thousands of other sites and web tools but myspace does count and is one of the best things that has happened for bands in a very long time.

    Sean Mooer

  34. miked says:

    this article is untrue, couple points, first bands go on myspace to promote themselfs of course, second its just another way to get your fan base better and to more ears the more the better you never know whose gonna listen??, yes there are gonna be useless people that just add you because they think there cool or just wanna make there friends list big, bands go on here to connect with other bands to get shows in other states that in most cases is impossible without free sites like myspace and what not, even if you make 25 friends, real friends, thats more then before right???myspace has its kicks and its kick backs, its half way up the line, like BFS does not wanna be known as a “myspace Band” we have about half fans half bands which is not bad, we add most people we have denied others cuz we know there fake or not in our belief, some slip through, either way the article is more untrue or taking a wrong idea, thanks


  35. Cari says:

    I actually have to disagree with you. As a MySpace user it’s actually how I hear about/keep tabs on alot of local metal shows/bands, and keep tabs on my favorite “national” acts. Plus I’ve “discovered” tons of bands that I like checking out, and have even ordered some CD’s of bands that I never would’ve had the chance to listen to otherwise.

    And on the flipside, I live in MI but was able to get my ex’s band a gig for Mardi Gra down in Louisianna through my Friends list, so it never would’ve happened without MySpace. If they have the devotion MySpace can be a very valuable tool for a band.

  36. CelesteBlueDawn says:

    One can post their music on a site that is owned by the BIGGEST MULTI-MEDIA mogul alive, Robert Murdoch! NOT TOO MENTION, the traffic it does incur, and the “Who’s Who” that is trollin’ your website CHECKING for something new…

    One would be foolish not too.


    If one’s fanbase is not growing or not getting hits, you should not be on MySpace, or continue with said band. ::smirk::

  37. Michael a.k.a. Captain Scruffy says:

    I’m not surprised at the comments on here.
    Yeah you do have strong points about this, but I’d like to add some
    opinion’s of my own.

    When you think about it, Myspace is one of the perfect ways to tell people about anything. (I guess) That’s why I have plans on making a myspace where I can tell people about my favorite band of Lacuna Coil. I’m a little annoyed of knowing that people have not heard of LC or don’t even know about them.

    Anyway, if I was in a band and I was signed, I would have someone manage our myspace and just simply have them put up bulletins about what’s going down.

    That’s why I have some bands on my list so that I can get updated about what they’re doing.

  38. Richiedude says:

    Hey Captain Scruffy:

    If you haven’t see these yet then get to it!

    Lacuna Coil Live Videos on UVTV:

    horns up.

  39. mr. gina says:

    well what i think your failing to realize is, is that myspace is a FREE website and that there really is not anything that could quite compare to it sure sometimes the music player doesnt always function as its supposed to but what do you expect for free? if bands want to get recognized badly enough they will work hard enough to stand out and show people what theyre truly about and rise above the rest of the bands that dont. myspace is free promotion/advertisement and nothing is better than that for an up and coming band period.

  40. Obama rocks says:

    Great way to draw new visitors to this site ! Tick em off – all fired up !

  41. Travis says:

    I can see where your coming from but some bands such as Job For A Cowboy, Whitechapel, and Impending Doom got signed because of their fan base on myspace.

  42. I read the story “Why I Wouldn’t Bother with MySpace if I Were In A Band” and agree or simply understand most of what you said except one thing. You said “…you can not control THEIR crappy programming that allows stuff in comments that can give other people viruses.” this is only partly true. Speaking for myself I do have control over what comments stay and which ones go. If one of my friends were to post a spam comment (which was all the rage not that long ago) the first thing I do is delete the comment then contact the person who sent it. I ask if they sent that crap (nicely of course) and if not then they need to change their password. Then I wait about a week and see if they reply back. If they do, great, they get to stay on my friends list. If not, and I see that their coming in fairly regularly and not replying to my message, then that gets them an automatic addition to my blocked user list. Is all this a major pain in the ass just to protect myself and my friends? Hell yeah it is! But if I didn’t give a damn about the people on my friends list I wouldn’t go through all this, and trust me I do give a damn about each and every one.

  43. controlled substance says:

    its like whatever dude.last week i went around 5 different countys to pass out free demos.if im nbot heard by some,or not recognized.thats the way i like it.hardcore is not pop.it takes a true hardcore motherfucker to just not give a fuck.you never kno what ive said today,just might stick with you 4 the rest of your life.and to all the fans including the die hard ones for controlled substance imma leave you with this fuck you……………hardcore sons a bitches

  44. Erica says:

    Very interesting viewpoint but like many of the comments I also feel that there are some positive reasons for bands to share their work on myspace.

    I am one of those people who does take the time to check out who has requested to be added to my page band or just regular people. I enjoy checking out new music and bands and I often leave a comment and check out the tracks and also forward the band’s page to a friend I know might be interested in them. I think myspace is a great place for bands and if the labels spent more time on myspace they might not be rolling downhill as of late.
    I also know if a band is outgoing shows they really do care about my thoughts or comments or me being a fan or new fan I’m more likely to stick around and give up the dollars. Most bands also have fans and teams doing all the leg and hard work and how those people interact with fans and people is also the key.
    Support the bands and the talent on myspace…

  45. SufferCate says:

    We use a myspace account and only add people from the Colorado area since it is our home state. We do NOT refuse adds from any REAL people no matter where they are, but our myspace has been a wonderful tool to keep existing fans in our area up to date on what is going on with the band and when and where our next show is. Our online flyers are more productive than actual paper flyers. If we tour, people will add us from the places we have been and we won’t need to SEARCH or REQUEST friends.

    Mysapace has been a wonderful tool for my band and our fans.


  46. Well Lets stop useing instruments to Play music To.
    Or Go Back to Recording Analog. Myspace is the future.

  47. ZenSkin says:

    Reverb Nation has a much higher signal to noise ratio. It really addresses a number of the faults inherent with myspace’s design.

    The biggest problems with myspace have to do with its sudden explosion in popularity. A more focussed site would be better for musicians — I’ve been telling people about Reverb Nation just for that reason.

  48. carol lowery says:

    why not use it, everyone talks about it when they are interviewed, and im talking big names, so why the hell not, kind of stupid thought to not use it

  49. E-G says:

    Two things stand out in her “blurb”…..

    “but I’m too lazy to bother.”


    “it is only fair to say that I haven’t ever really been in a band ”

    which leads me to believe “She has no idea what she speaks of”.

    Mabye some knitting blog would be better suited for you.

  50. Martin says:

    Look at what Myspace did for In This Moment. A record exec saw their page and contacted them. They’re a pretty big band now and they probably would have made it without Myspace because they have great talent, but Myspace did help them get noticed.
    As to useless fans, there’s gonna come a time probably in the near future where Cds become obsolete. Things are headed that way and people are still gonna go to shows and buy merch regardless. How do you think alot of fans learn about new bands? Internet. Myspace is a great help to bands if you ask me.

  51. bammo says:

    hey i didn’t read your whole article because just by the first line, i get what you mean.

    i made a site and i’m kind of a revolutionary myself. i’m kinda tired of youtube and myspace because it just seems kinda unreal already.

    well, i hope you could drop by http://www.tubedude.com and register and upload your videos there. it’s a video community and it’s way easier to use and way cool.

    i believe in what me and my friends made and we just want to revolutionize the netwaves.

    i’m the type of dude that still has “heart” for everything that i do. i noticed that nowadays that “heart” to do anything like playing music or making something is not so rampant unlike before.

    i still am one of those who have the “heart” to make a difference.

    i also play guitar and i like blues and i play classical. i dont use the pick because the best way to play guitar is using fingers which really tests a guitarists’ prowess.

    please support our mission in making a difference and revolutionizing the netwaves.

  52. Matt McKay says:

    You hold very valid points and i agree completely with them. However, maybe the title of this article should be:
    ‘Reasons why not to rely entirely on Myspace.com’

    It CAN be a useful tool at times and I would, and have, created a myspace for my band, but I can see what you mean about getting noticed, and I wouldn’t rely just on getting gigs via myspace. Local advertising, going to gigs and meeting bands/people/promoters is a very good way of going about things.

    Iv got my friend request inbox FULL of bands that I’m not even sure if i can be arsed to look at because there are so many of them.

    Thank you for this article! I never really thought about your points before.


  53. This should maybe be rephrased to why you shouldn’t solely depend on myspace for marketing your band.

    For a small band, myspace is about the networking part of social networking. So adding friends is one thing but adding the right friends is another. It means building a community, developing relationships, identifying opinion leaders, influencers. So not so much about adding friends but what you make of that relationship.

    For larger bands myspace becomes more of a pool. When a band going about things on they should ask themselves: Is that person a loyal fan you want to make sure you recognize at a show? Are they a member of the local press? Do you want to make sure they have your press dept contact? Do they work in radio in any way? Should you ask them if they need a CD for their station? Is this person a street team member? You definitely want to make sure they have your street team contact info and that they know what protocol is.

    You have to know what myspace is good for and what it is not and fill your band’s social media marketing toolbox accordingly with a mix of things that bridges those gaps.

  54. Freaky says:

    Like I said above its free and it is a great way to not only trade shows with other bands and help you locally. Nationally yeah who knows who goes on your myspace. I’ve heard of afew bands that have gotten deals because of it. For the big names its more to keep fans updated with shows and help egos.
    Downside is it does give false hope for some bands. Just because a band has 10 thousand friends they think they are a major act. No, they just bother more people than others would. Even more sadly and some will disagree, but you can play 3 gigs a month at decent places and on the internet alone can be seen more by simply hitting buttons and not playing at all. All and all I say myspace is a good thing for bands. But, you still need a .com site. Believe it or not from talking to some reps they often shun myspace because its so easy and over used. To them its not enough. Use everything there is … .com’s, youtube and myspace. Relyin on one thing will get you one thing. Nothing.

  55. brandon says:

    well, thats stupid, im in a band, and we get lots of people we dont even know to come to shows ALL THE TIME, no one ever sits on myspace and tries figuring out ways to get more plays and stuf instead of playing shows, myspace is probably the best and most useful tool in going anywhere in the trade, an excellent place to be heard and recognized in music. and it isnt a useless fan base if you go on tours, which a lot of bands do, your pretty much saying every band has a useless fan base cause thyere fans are mostly out of state. wrong, again, touring, you would go see a band you liked if they came to your area right? well, thats what all of our and other fans think as well. myspace is an awesome and the best source of publicity. why wouldnt you bother with it, what else would you do? honestly, you gonna go on facebook?hahaha yeah right, or maybe bebo? no, myspace is the place. so if not myspace then what? and you say we should be out doing shows? well how would we get ppl to go to our shows if there isnt myspcae, wed be jammin in fromt of the same 10 ppl each show. what else is there to do?

  56. wicked d says:

    Definitely a lot of good points, but really only pertains to bands who believe MySpace is all there is! MySpace was never intended to be a “Be All, End All” solution to or for music marketing and band promotions.

    The true key to online marketing success in any industry is having a http://www.yournamehere.com and some kind of real knowledge of how money is made on the world wide web. MySpace should be used along with Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, etc… simply to direct everyone to your actual website!

    Touching on the point of bands losing focus : What works well with the bands I manage and promote is having someone outside the band handle all web operations. Whether it be a manager, agent, street team leader, etc… That way the band can concentrate on what bands do.

    As far as an online fanbase being useless, I have to disagree! When and if the band ever begins to sell CDS & merch online or gets into worldwide digital distribution, your friend list is now a potential customer base. It also comes in handy for sales & marketing purposes while on tour! Playing Philly this week? Browse your friends list for those in that area and hit ‘em up!

    KEY FACTOR: Get Your Own WebSite!!!

  57. Jak says:

    I agree and disagree.
    If you are an individual myspacer and
    don’t want bands posting, either
    A. Don’t ADD bands, or B. block bands from adding.
    But the internet is a tool for both bands
    and fans. Use it, to get your shit.

  58. Jackson says:

    some points you make are of course very true, but myspace has been a valuable promotional tool for my company and the bands I represent. Many use myspace to find out whose playing where and when, last year produced amazing results for tours I didnt know were happening. We choose friends in our city and we have had lucrative results. Dont use it if you dont like it.

  59. Jon says:

    i dont think this guy has any idea & thats the problem with the net, any1 can have an opinion; no matter how disillusional it may be!

  60. Lockjaw says:

    You are so right. Use it as a back up.
    Also, these kids should plan ahead. Let the music work for them . Not the other way around. Look into getting music license. Sell or work towards selling songs. Give up publishing or at least a good part of it. Sell to gaming companies. Look for commercial or independant film who need music. Internet ads also need music for there streaming with there product or company. There are thousands out there. This way, as you sit home the money will be still coming in from a payment of license for the period of time in the contract that was negotiated. I love doing this. This not only helps build your catalog but it makes you a better musician all around. Also, the business starts to recognize you in a more viable venue. These transaction happen every minute of the day. At least your music will work for you and you dont have to worry about when your next show is . How you will promote that show. How many CD’s you will sell. Will anyone show up to the show. Wheewwwwww. Seems like bands focus is in the wrong area. The music business has change. Change with it or be forgotten.

    Love your article. I have been in the business for a long time and agree with you 100%

    Thank you . Keep inspiring and teaching the young.
    They need it.

  61. I understand your point about getting lost in the huge mix of artists out there but, that’s going to happen in the major market as well. Myspace is just another valuable tool in your tool box. As a small time band without big corp. hoar dollars…….you do what you can. BTW, fuck MTV!

  62. Wayne Powell says:

    This is a dumb and lazy attitude.Myspace has done more for my band then i could ever imagine without it.It has helped us get gigs,recording offers,it has brought tons of people to our shows,it has gained us a lot of true fans we never would have otherwise.As far as people not listening,that may be true in some cases but we have sold albums to people in all corners of North America.I would suggest you experience things before criticizing them.

  63. darkrain888 says:

    i agree. fuck myspace. i will not use it as a “tool” to promote my books.


  65. nick says:

    this is fu*** bull****!..myspace gave my band alot of opportunitys..and from myspace ive found many bands..and myspace gets double the amount of people to a bands gigs..its an exelent way of promotion

  66. Mike CTW says:

    I must preface this with saying I own and run the CTWpromotions agency an exclusive myspace based legitimate PR agency so I think I know what I’m talking about.

    I extremely disagree with your points, in fact I would go as far as saying you are not familliar with myspace marketing techniques that work.

    I would say the myspace page is THE MOST IMPORTANT tool in ANY musicians arsenal. While you should a have your own domain and website of course most of the opportunities will be presented to you via myspace networking.

    You can supplement touring, radio, pr, an iTunes release, A cd release show etc specifically with Myspace to get results that you simply would not be able to do in any other method or platform. You have to know what you are doing.

    I combine 15 years of running an indie label, doing A&R, radio promotions, and other DIY label methods with real world direct marketing and unique technical abilities to run my promotions campaigns. It’s not easy sometimes but sometimes clients stay on board for months at a time so I must be doint something right.

    Lastly I want people to know the fancy sites with flash designs and fake testimonials are not legitimate. They will get your page deleted and will sap your wallet dry before you even realize it’s a scam. I want to save you the hassle and save you money. Hit me up at CTWPROMOTIONS on AIM. Mike CTW

  67. LIZZY says:

    there is a point.
    and even if there wasnt why would it hurt to use it and try.
    im in a band and we get comments all the time even from like the black daliah murder.
    because were plAYNG whth them next year

    but would it really hurt to have it…
    and believe me alot of people use myspace and check those profiles out..

  68. SKUMLOVE says:

    I got signed and having a myspace helped alot.

    the one draw back is true, there is a lot of shitty bands but thats the music business.

    if you are good you stand out. we were one of the first bands to be on myspace even had a band profile before they made band profiles.

    Iam on about 25 different music social profile sites and myspace still gets the most hits and plays.

    I add real fans at least 15-25 a day. once a month Igo through and see who really doesn’t give us attention and just used us to push up their numbers and erase. as you stated before you are too lazy to do have the shit but myspace is a necessary evil so take advantage and use it abuse it or loose it.

    I hate that some bands give up having their own site and only have a myspace especially signed bands.
    http://myspace.com/skumlove or http://www.skumlove.com

  69. Timmy-vox-SLACKENLOADER says:

    We have experienced mostly positive but a few negatives. The positives is it gives locals a calendar to refer to, as many here have mentioned. And somewhere to share photo’s, network with promoters and also as a place to give potential clients a place to hear a sample of what we do. The negative would be that many times MySpacers will say “Yeah, put us on the guestlist for your show”..and only 10-15 % of New MS Friends actually show up. Your real friends & fans/supporters will because they know you might bust their balls a little next time you see them; for the MS people, there’s no consequence to flaking and making you look stupid in the eye’s of the promoter or club owner, what do they care. Also, because of wanna-be promoters and over aggressive bands who think their music or show is “the next big thing” & those who came before us, many people ‘Don’t Accept Adds’ from bands anymore because they are sick of the endless bulletins and flyer posts on their pages. Also, add in the fact that everyone & their cousin who has the ability to record sounds thinks they are a band, that they have an original idea and that they are gonna flip the industry on it’s head. With so many choices, the consumer gets overloaded and doesn’t really throw their loyalty & buying dollar behind bands that have genuine talent & staying power. The ability to play an instrument, even well, doesn’t entitle one to stardom and a large percentage of the bands don’t have a clue what “making it bigtime” actually requires, what toll it can take on a persons personal life, relationships, safety & security and the many sacrafices, heartbreaks & frustration that come along the way. Besides that, there are many new websites dedicated soley to the music community that allow many of the same features as MS without annoying models bulletining 5 times a day “Add My Hot Friend”, virus laden YouTube videos, and 16 yr olds bulletining “good Night”.

  70. cody says:

    dude my band wasnt nething before myspace, i understand ur point, but now that we have promotion were getting fans left and right

  71. Using Myspace as a tool for Band Promotion is bloody excellent. Not only can local fans keep up to date with upcoming shows, but you can build fanbases across the globe and ensure a good reception at venues whilst on tour.
    Alot of bands get signed due to Myspace also. Its alot different now than it used to be.
    People far and wide can purchase albums and merch and also help you to promote your band for free, which alot of people are happy to do.
    More people actually take the time to listen to bands that request them than dont, which is why myspace enables you to disable requests from bands. The people who allow it, want to hear new bands.
    Personally, I have found shitloads of kickass band through myspace as have alot of the worldwide Metal Community.
    Myspace is a Networking tool, and used in the right way it can do wonders for your band.


    DEMON – Vocalist for DEPRAVE – Raw Aussie Metal

  72. Mycroft Holmes says:

    Why wouldn’t you utilize a FREE resource that promotes your band? Your arguments are invalid, your points weak, and the fact that a lot of bands got signed because of their Myspace popularity makes your argument stupid.

  73. Nicole says:

    People listen to the music on myspace, read the bulletins and look at the pictures from bands they didn´t know before.
    Nobody will ever search for homepages of bands they don´t know.
    Excuse my english, i´m shure you will understand.

    Myspace is still one of the most important communitys for musicians.

  74. Look, the only thing that matters to me (and hopefully any passionate musician) is that my music is listened to and appreciated for what it is. It blows my mind every time I get a message from someone telling me they like my music. Of course Myspace isn’t a “cure all” for the common band. Fuck, most musicians (good or not) end up having to work shitty jobs to be able to afford playing music……because it’s the only thing that matters

  75. joe says:

    hmm, not using a free worldwide tool with access to hundreds of millions of users, i guess this is why you are NOT in a band. sorry Ms.Barnes, but you dont know what the hell your are talking about. the funny thing is, i was directed to this article FROM A MYSPACE USER, um…pot, meet kettle.

  76. Eric Horner says:

    I disagree on some points…If you use it right, it can be great. My band is in the middle of nowhere Montana and we book out of state shows and even have talked to Opeth about a opening a gig
    (still in the works, up to booking agency) ON MYSPACE…If it was not for the web, we would not be getting great gigs,feedback and label interest(we have all).Though just adding friends is useless and myspace is only PART of the web…LaterER!C/

  77. Guitar player says:

    The “Makes you lose focus” part isnt exactly true..I agree with playing out live as much as possible but for musicians who live in isolated areas or fed up with the local band drama it provides an outlet for them to share their music with the world..I dont see where you would lose your focus esp. if you were a guitar teacher or a studio musician with a website to sell your cds or downloads at..I think it would sharpen up your musical focus including your marketing skills,after all music has an extensive business side..Myspace is a great outlet to promote your talent,network with music companies,radio stations,fans and it lets your music be heard,plus its free so you cant go wrong there..Great articles on this dailyrock site and I enjoy the read….

  78. Tyson Tomko says:

    This is utter nonsense.

    There is a vast list of bands who have been signed to major recording contracts based SOLELY on Myspace plays. Myspace is still, and likely will be for a long time, THE marketing tool for bands.

    That doesnt mean you should get lazy on other fronts…but Myspace can get your music into the ears of someone halfway across the globe.

  79. Melinda says:

    I think this is bull. Anything that helps you reach even one or two more people who may like your music (let alone thousands) is a valuable tool. Yes, a small part of your promotion strategy but anyone that’s relying on getting famous via MySpace is an idiot. You gotta work no matter what means you use.

  80. A Band on Myspace says:

    This article is obsolete. Without myspace, my band’s fans would not know anything about our tour dates, videos, new music and so forth. Sending out invites to our local fans is pretty easy since you can categorize your friends list so you aren’t sending invites across the world to people who can’t obviously make it. Myspace Record label is currently holding a contest for bands, the winner will get a recording deal and $10,000 worth of Fender gear. The contest has over 11,000 participants! Now you need to re-write your pissy little article.

  81. To Mrs. Barnes,
    I have to agree with some of what you’ve written. But I must also disagree.

    Myspace is useful. I like it because it gives me a wider body of people to network with. For instance I could in theory build relationships with small film studios seeking music for their projects. Lately I am starting to move in that direction. First get them as a friend then start from there.

    Myspace lets me contact DJs, producers, other musicians such as Sibvon Rose, Orathay, Tushiba, KRYS IVORY, Biblikal, ONITSHA The CHURCHGIRL, Jah Jah, Cascada, & Kate Voegele. These are amazing performers. I promote them like a good fan. I tell others about them.

    My intent is these are good performers & they deserve attention. Most I never would’ve discovered if it wasn’t for Myspace. Only three from other websites.

    I also hate Myspace for the fact I can’t upload more than ten songs & the inability to link multiple accounts other then sending friend requests to yourself. This is not fun. I hate dealing with people who mostly want to peddle adult industry crap or some dating site. They waste my time.

    I have stuff on virb.com which is similar to Myspace. My pages I left alone but expect to update soon.

    Xuwee.com was good but disappeared. What I liked about that site was the feedback & the ability to send mass messages to everyone on your page much like YouTube.

    Currently I enjoy Soundclick.com. It’s not perfect but it works. I’m getting positive feedback. No limit song uploads. I don’t upload just to upload its to get collaborators & maybe remixing contracts. I’m got four or five bites.

    What annoys me is getting new fans on Myspace are band blockers. They make life hard when you trying to get people to listen to your music. Some of it is just bizarre:


    Fine he & his pals don’t like bands fine. He sounds as if what musicians do isn’t work hard. Unsure if this the case but its seems to look that way. That’s life. Please don’t harass the man & his pals just using him as an example.

    Not everybody is going to like my music. Some hate my music. Others think its unique, fresh & different. I welcome critiques even if it hurts.

    Some artists don’t like critiques. Take a look at Simon Cowell. People think he’s Satan incarnate. He’s just a critic. Simon is known to be brutally honest. In the real world people are brutally honest.

    I went to the library tested some tracks among some kids. They liked some songs & despised others. One girl gave me reasons why. I respect that young girl for telling how she feels. Some artists block comments on their pages. Its kind of sad as it limits their ability to learn or perfect their craft.

    Saying yes to everything is not always good. One man was offended because on some of his songs I gave him four out of five stars. This is a business. He is a great artist. I gave him criticism to encourage to perfect his craft.

    I’ve heard music that should never been on the web. Singers need to put passion in their music. Sing like somebody owes them back child support or your woman ruined your car because you are a cheater. When you don’t do that you damage the song & you in the long run limit yourself.

    Some people simply can not sing. They’ll sing a gospel song to please God great because he is the only one that’s going to enjoy it. If you stink people will let you know thus I lack the courage to critique them. It is heart breaking when a person can’t sing. Some should write & create music. Not everybody can be When I critique its because I like you & want you to succeed. Those are my thoughts.

  82. Unintended says:

    i do think they have a point there i mean honestly i dont bother using myspace to find anything on bands, i get a ton of requests all the time ive finally just started declining them all its getting to be too much
    granted yes some bands on myspace have good followings and like to keep up with whats going on i also have bands on myspace that have come and gone but the majority of what i get in my inbox is not local its from states i cant even fathom driving to for a live show
    and in my area a lot of local bands are announced on the radio station here so you kinda get to know where certain bands are on any given night
    i remember when myspace was pretty quiet back in its early days lol….ive grown bored with the whole myspace seen cause all i get is spam requests anymore its no fun

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