Talking Metal on FUSE TV
March 3rd, 2008 at 7:30am

talking-metal-on-fuse.jpgHas anyone watched this yet? Talking Metal, the self proclaimed “#1 Metal podcast in the world” had a special episode on FUSE back in November of 2007. Well they are back on FUSE TV with 6 new episodes of the weekly metal podcast translated to a 30 minute TV program.

The show is hosted by ‘metal aficionados” Mark Strigl and John Ostronomy who met while attending Berklee College of music in Boston. They eventually developed their ideas into a weekly interview & informational podcast focusing on heavy metal. The new TV version of Talking Metal is a fast paced 30 minutes of inerview clips, guest appearances, metal history, music suggestions, and a jam session where the hosts join bands or members of metal bands to perform a classic metal cover song. Guitarist “Metal” Mike Chlasciak is on the show as the “musical director sidekick”, if you will, filling in the Paul Schaffer role, if you will. Then there is the guy in the wresting mask, some kind of MC or show announcer providing the segways to and from commercials etc. Wierd.

All in all it is a decent show. Most metal fans are probably happy to have something on national TV that is at least metal related. Talking Metal is a well produced program with slick graphics and has some good segments such as when they went bowling with members of Hell Yeah and talking about promotion & what is allowed during gigs etc while chatting with Devildriver. Somehow though the show seems like some kind of Howard Stern wanna be crossed with an infomercial. The good material is far too short, and too much time spent plugging DVD’s, CD’s, past albums etc. I could also do without the guitar masterbation by the “musical director” Mike Chlasciak as well as the dude in the mask. Then there is the jam session at the end where the show hosts play instruments with members of metal bands such as in a recent episode jamming with Exodus performing the Metallica classic “Seek and Destroy.”  Although this is kinda cool – the segment is way too long. The show hosts might as well run some music and cycle through photos of themselves flashing the devil horns with metal celebrities.

To sum it up – for a show called “Talking Metal”  – they could spend more time – um – actually talking about metal.

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12 Comments to “Talking Metal on FUSE TV”

  1. rooster cogburn says:

    i agree w/alot of your points. it is better to actually have as good metal show, rather than just something – this program is mediocre at best.

  2. Andy says:

    Agreed! It IS nice to finally have some metal on t.v., but does it really have to be these guys?? I mean seriously, how Metal is it to sit there and list all the Metal bands(KISS is metal?!)you’ve seen that you cried at the show? No offense, but the hosts of the show come off as poseurs…wannabes with family money who bought their way into a culture that their not totally in touch with(hence the wholly unnecessary cover songs featuring the hosts. The show’s not about YOU, it’s about METAL). And BOWLING as the official sport of Metal?! What the fuck is that all about? Name one Metal song that has ANYTHING to do with bowling…Needless to say, I tuned in for a couple episodes and promptly tuned back out again. Hopefully the next show about Metal will actually BE about METAL!

  3. jaime says:

    This show isn’t metal. It is exactly the watered down type of trash you’d expect from mtv (yes mtv owns fuse so we know what that means – as if mtv has had a clue about music in the last 15 years!)

  4. Ally says:

    I liked talking metal…but the hosts just turn me off. Sorry. Its like watchin fat porn, you wanna watch but you cant.

  5. Ally says:

    if you want a show about metal tune into jose’s show, on hard attack (sirius radio). You dont even need to watch!

  6. Rick says:

    Ya know, for a while i’ve become quite dissapointed in fuse altogether. they were all about all kinds of rock, but they have begun to change it to the hip hop crap. If it’s true that the same people who own fuse own mtv, they ought to be taken out back and shot for ruining things that had potential to be great. i have been brought to the point where fuse is no longer a channel i care to watch anymore. And someone please throw that bum who does the untitled rock show out onto the street.

  7. jon says:

    yeah…this show can suck a nut…maybe if they had actual metal on there all the time…then itd be sweet…kiss=gay rock…not metal…i mean…have like megadeth on there if u want an old band…but not kiss…wtf
    and wtf is up with that fag with the mask..i mean….wtf!!!

  8. Master_Gio says:

    I like it. Sure the guys a little geeky, but it is fun and, well the guests they have are cool. I am just happy there is a half-way entertaining metal show on TV.

  9. Rachie says:

    Alright, so the guys are dorks. At least there’s some metal on mainstream TV, though! :)

  10. Frank says:

    The show concept is not bad – but the hosts are a couple of hosers.

    I really like the interviews at metaljohnny – they are very funny – this Johnny Orlando guy should have the job on fuse.

  11. Ryan805 says:

    Haters Go Die! We finally have a metal show that infuse the past with current. My only complaint is the couch guests are useless and quite annoying. The jam sessions are sick and the spotlight on old metal is fun. A really cool show!

  12. fingaz says:

    talkin’ metal rocks men, the muzik mi mo high than last tym i watched it drunk, i passed out..

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