Will KISS Continue On With No Original Members?
May 16th, 2008 at 9:05am

Paul Stanley & Gene Simmons have been floating the concept for several months now that KISS could continue on with no original members indefinitely. Though I give them credit for the idea to brand a band beyond the identity of it’s members I question whether it would actually be feasible. Will KISS fans and younger fans want to go see what would essentially become a KISS tribute band? They talk about it in the interview below:


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  1. Wayne Powell says:

    This is really kinda weird.I had this idea when i was a kid in the 70′s that when Kiss got too old to play i could take over with some other guys and continue the legacy for them.
    I really don’t think this would fly,i don’t see the appeal.Maybe if they passed it down through family and it was all there kids it would somewhat work,but otherwise yeah it’s just another tribute band which to me is just not impressive.

  2. Anonymous says:

    wow paul and gene have become disillusioned

  3. drew says:

    i think kiss needs to get their head out of their ass’ and lose the fuckin boosted ego yes they are great but give it up

  4. the SCARECROW says:

    well . . .hello ass holes . . .this is your friend the scare crow . . well yeah I think paul and gene are out there fucking mind doing this . . kiss well live for ever with out any origenal members . . .but hey . . they can’t make any money on kiss shit if thers no band to get kids to buy . . .I like the pass it down idea that other guy had . . .that would be cool . .but if they did’nt do that my be they should hire all new members and give the band a new name . .new make up . . .and new tyme . . you know like kiss meets type o negative . . .meets manson . . .meets matallica . . .can you see the posters and lunch boxes . . .hahahah . . .any way they were a good band but all must come to an end.

  5. Travis says:

    Um is KISS trying to be an Axl’s Roses?

  6. Jakadocius says:

    This is not new news. Hearing them axeually say it
    is new. But I was at the last show in the Cali
    dessert when Paul left due to heat exaustion and
    they did ok with Eric, Tommy and Gene.
    They have been bringin in other members since the
    80s so I can see it being done with no original
    members. What amazes me the most about the whole
    topic is people who have posted comments to my
    youtube of them as a trio with surprise as if this
    just popped in our faces in 2008. This is no
    surprise and if you are a true KISS fan, you saw
    this coming long ago and STILL support them.
    KISS will allways be KISS. Some say “it aint KISS
    without the original members.” And I say “They’re
    already missing original members, and they’re
    still doing it.” And Monty Python is still Monty
    Python without its original members. I think
    its kool that they can manage to keep it alive
    without everyone there.
    Please go watch the link to the youtube video.
    It is a great show.

  7. I think Paul’s make-up is on too tight, or he’s lost his mind…

  8. editor says:

    this all depends on how greedy gene trains nick $immon$ to be… hopefully nick will be smart enough to shun the money grubbing ways of his father, if not you can bet kiss will be a carbon copy of the original… sad to say.

    i’m hoping nick does the right thing and gets away from his father as soon as possible. his father has some serious mental issues which need to be delt with. money and fame have rotted this man’s brain, he has no morals and no common sense.

    i actually think there will be a “broadway” style kiss group in the future but i have a feeling it won’t fly with people as it will be the bogus, fake non-sense it is… so it won’t last. this is because $immon$ has the “god complex” thinking he’ll live forever… this man is this delusional. he’s a wack job.

    mr. $immon$ needs serious mental help… let’s hope he won’t inflict his son with the same illusions of grandiour he’s been suffering since he became famous in the early 70′s…

    i feel bad for the $immon$ children as they already seem to be showing signs of denial regarding thier father and his sleazy dealings and his outright dishonesty. dude is a liar, manipulator and a louse.

    this man tell’s his daughter what morals to have yet he’s on video tape having sex with women… nice. hey gene you look in the mirror lately? what do you see? nothing.


  9. dee says:

    wow…this is beyond words

  10. james portee says:

    paul and gene are just a bunch of old pricks who still wish they were 20.. theres nothing wrong with that, but they alwase have some pathetic shit to say.. everyone knows who you guys are.. shut the fuck up… “kiss is a way of thinking…” please.. im a musician as well, guitarist.. one day i hope to make something of my music.. just like any other artist… weather i play bars all my life or huge festivals in other countries.. whatever… the way they talk, it sounds more like they are professional football players..

  11. bev north says:

    it’s sad to say but it seems music and bands have become brands..like pepsi,or macdonalds..
    but maybe this the how the future will be?

    i love kiss..but to be honest..unless the original members are involved it aint kiss..
    it’s an official tribute band then like the rest!!
    but the ticket prices will be much higher!!!
    and i bet the original members will get a cut of the ticket sales etc..so money for old rope there i think!!!

  12. Evil Abe says:

    I can see it now: Gene Simmons has it written in his will that every so many years someone digs up his rotting corpse and adds a few million to the casket for him! These guys have lost it….there are 500 KISS cover bands out there and most of them sound better then the band at this point.

  13. Lord Grim says:

    The most mindboggling thing about this whole story is all you goobs out there getting so butthurt at the idea of Kiss continuing without original members. You’re obviously not fans so GET OVER IT. I’ve been a fan since the 70′s, bought all the LP’s, went to their shows, still buy the CD’s and I support this idea. I’m not alone either. It’s the same thing big live shows all over the world have done. How many bands are there out there who are strong enough and big enough to continue like that? I’m glad that KISS is one of them. To me the original will always be best and I’m glad I was there to see them. I’m also glad there will be a KISS for my son and his kids to see.

  14. Derek says:

    Well,this idea comes to no surprise really,it rreally isn’t KISS now without Ace and Peter in it,why not replace the other two,KISS aint KISS without Paul,Gene,Ace and Peter,no substitutes

  15. 27stitches says:

    just let it die you has beens! nobody is gonna buy your rehashed poprock trash anyway. the only two members with any talent left years ago so just give it up. you weren’t that good to begin with. your music is dated, and it’s obvious that it’s not the music you care about or you would have kept up with the times like real musicians such as ozzy, slayer, sabbath, and so on. kiss has been nothing but a cover band for the last 20 years or so anyway so this move does not surprise me in the least. it’s just another case of gene and paul trying to pass something off as kiss when it truley isn’t. give us all a break and just quit already because nobody under 40 likes kiss anyway, actually i’m 40 and i cant stand kiss either. your only good song was detroit rock city and now your even killing that.just let it go!

  16. FoxMulder says:

    I suppose I would have to hear the product to make a guess if it would be viable or not. But if they replaced KISS with “young musicians of today” and they tried to sound like the crap that is currently being churned out by today’s rock bands…it would not work. KISS has been around this long because the music was good to begin with. Bands of today last for five minutes because the music of today totally SUX!

  17. Rigamortis says:

    It would never work, not at this point and time. Maybe in another 20 years when their too old to do anything. It would be alright to see some orm of Kiss. Then again their couldnt be any versin that would be worth a shit. As long as the original Kiss is still alive, the true Kiss army would never go for this. Their would always be fans wanting the original group back on tour. Why they would conceive to want to do this is beyond belief. Like that other guy said,they need topull their heads out of their asses.

  18. Strange_Eye says:

    cmon KISS was great in the 70′s but by todays standards? Give it a rest guys…there’s so much better….yes its true spectacular stage performances can help make up for sub standard abilities, but dont try and convince people you do it for the fans. People have so many better choices nowdays. If I’m going to watch old metal in old styles. My moneys with Dio or Ozzy or Sabbath, kiss never was and never will be any more than they were. No matter how they try and hype themselves or bash on other bands…they were a radio friendly rock/country/pop/disco band that relied heavily on the gimmicks and media hype.

  19. ireallylovelamp says:

    this is pretty much the same as if metallica said that they were going to continue without the original members, it just wont work the same.

  20. rick says:

    wow that creeped me out a little.. kiss was the first rock music i ever heard.. im a drummer in a metal band and was def inspired by kiss.. after just watching this vid im sittin here thinkin what the fuck did i just see here! so now its kinda dawning on me that what they just said will probably happen eventually.. and its starting to not seem so wierd as i sit here writing this.. at a kiss show ur lucky to be close enough to really see the motherfuckers anyway! so if they hire the right dudes who sound and look like them.. technically KISS might LOOK and SOUND a fuckload better cuz these dudes might be in shape and acually super talented and play kiss tunes better than kiss plays their own shit.. it’ll be like fuckin menudo or what the fuck ever…. hahahaha im baked!

  21. Tim Wargo says:

    What are Paul and Gene thinking?That would be worse than having Lars,James and Kirk retiring from Metallica and having Rob Trujillo and three session musician musicians calling themselves Metallica.This idea just totally reeks of lameness.I guess they are so egotistical that they feel any form of Kiss would rule.NOT!

  22. Dave says:

    First off KISS is nothing more then a couple of business men. They are talentless egomaniacs. I could care less if KISS quit tomorrow and they never played another note or live show.

    About whether or not it could continue without them….no! Not because they are so great that no one could play the music (a 5 year old could play that shit), it couldn’t continue because no one else is as greedy as Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. I think the only way it could continue is if they were replaced by four Donald Trumps!

  23. editor says:

    i’d love to kiss if simmons is NOT part of or in it. i’d even be willing to pay to see the carbon copy knowing full well the money is going into his pocket or to his estate… as long as i don’t have to hear or see him or listen or read his crap…

    god, he’s the douche bag of rock and roll…

  24. The Jackle says:

    my rib’s hurt from laughtin so much AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA God what a Joke !!! I grew up when they were big hahahaaha i’m full on into metal and agree with most of these comment’s :)
    And what duchbag would even consider playing there music under contract probably never playing song’s they wrote cause gene and paul wouldnt like it hahahaha JUST DIE KISS DIE and hurry up hahahahah

  25. what the fuck kiss wont be the same i wouldnt see them unless they had atleast 1 origional member fucking what are they thinking

  26. Chuck says:

    It wouldn’t be a tribute band if they continued to record. Tribute band wouldn’t be recording and touring as KISS. I is a very unorthodox way of thinking but it could maybe work if in fact the newer members had talent and could stand on there own over time.
    Food for thought.

  27. GOD says:


  28. GOD says:

    kiss fucking rocks u ass holes

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