Killswitch Engage CD Review
July 3rd, 2009 at 10:04am

killswitch-engage-cd-coverKILLSWITCH ENGAGE

In 2004/2005 KILLSWITCH ENGAGE not only made me proud to live in the same State that they formed in but they gave me a appreciation for a band who could kill you sound wise with massive, in your face aggressive music; along with exploring the depths of  the melodic singing elements in music that they are very well known for.

The album THE END OF HEARTACHE was a gem using that sonic blast of metal to catch your attention right from the get go of every song but it was that title track that solidified the cleverness, passion and commitment this band had to be diverse, brutal and to give the fans all of them in each song. The walk down memory lane for me was due to the face that KILLSWITCH ENGAGE is once again alive and breathing new life into 2009 with the SELF TITLED newest album. With one quick listen through the whole disc you automatically see the depth and layering the band is producing to the music these days. It’s still an assault to the senses but not as in your face and brutal these days. The craft of developing textures, melody and intricate styling is making each song stand out on there own instead of meshing together. Than we have the vocals of Howard Jones who has brought delicateness to his screams and a lower stronger emotional value to his singing voice as you can see on STARTING OVER.

Overall KILLSWITCH ENGAGE went down a new path and came out with a diverse, styled solid defined album. THE RETURN creates a light of somber appeal with a desired and almost elegant melodic singing nature. It presents hope, yearning and beauty from the voice, to the music to the lyrics. The musicianship on TAKE ME AWAY is breathtaking, seductive, inspiring and  a respected way to show a metal band opening gates of elegance. Then we have I WOULD DO ANYTHING my favorite track and a song that brings you back to the fierce, electrifying brutal music. This song shows they still have what they had the years when the learning and growing was raw and new to them. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE has made a record to be reckoned with and will see a heavy payback for the hard work.