Ill Nino ‘Dead New World’ CD Review
November 9th, 2010 at 11:33am

ILL NINO—DEAD NEW WORLD Every time a new ILL NINO record comes out it bring me back to that first time I ever saw this band play live in Boston, MA. I was intrigued because of the Latin flavor they supplied throughout their metal music.  Lead vocalist Chris Machado was not only something to fascinate about onstage but also his voice carried through your soul. Bring him something melodic and soft or make him brutalize the microphone this guy had range and really portrayed the ultimate front man appeal to this band.  Like all bands they have been through the ups n downs but throughout all they make it and keep producing records that just rock. If any band really shows me that anything is possible these guys are it and I sincerely want to say that ILL NINO is more of an inspiration today than they were back in the early years.

The new record DEAD NEW WORLD is new for Victory Records but is just an added solid record for the bands resume.  THE ART OF WAR captures positive energy and has that heavy balls to the wall metal flair. The crushing elements of melodic singing with the gutter deep growls just makes the song a signature piece in the bands on going classic sound.

AGAINST THE WALL pulls the reigns in for a bit with its more melody driven simplicity, which is probably the reason it is there single. The speedy percussion ambiance and the lovely vocals of Machado make it pure and passionate. MI REVOLUCION is the perfect infused bilingual lyrics, tribal drums, catchy chorus, its bitter sweet and so contagious to the ear. The intensity of words just keeps the listener listening, so addictive!! Tribal drums surge on BLEED LIKE 400 and one of my favorite songs.  The band also puts their own little signature on the Smashing Pumpkins very own BULLET WITH BUTTERFLY WINGS. Overall ILL NINO breathes life into all their music. They show courage, passion and strength. They stick with it through thick n thin and that is why this band will be respected and loved after their time is all said and done!!