Hail The Villian CD Review
May 28th, 2011 at 11:03am



The water in Canada must have tons of creativity and talent minerals in it because a good majority of the bands to come out of this area are bands I most admire and ooze with musical excellence! So while digging amongst new music from the past year, since I have been out of the loop and MIA from the scene I stumbled upon this video called RUNAWAY from a band called HAIL THE VILLIAN and yes they are from the great Canada!!  With one look at the video and one listen to this song it caught my ear and I wanted so much more.

What caught me about the song was the way the vocals came through the music nothing unique and different but it had this very distinct and complimentary raspy ambiance to it with crafty levels of melodic stamina add that to the musical appeal of uplifting layers of rock infused melody and even a guitar solo thrown in the mix; the band finds a way to make a typical guitar solo in this song turn into swirling layers supported by a backdrop attitude and finesse. Once that song ended I knew I needed more and Roadrunner Records helped a little rock chic out and in seconds I had the band’s debut album POPULATION:DECLINING.

The opener TAKE BACK THE FEAR sets the mood for how I think the band would be portrayed live and sets the mood for the rest of the record;  high-intensity, solid choruses and melody driven hooks with a voice that walks the happy medium of melody and raspy spunk. MY REWARD pounds with high impact; like your speeding down a dark and desolate road. It has shifty breaks and soothing melody, keeping your ears perked for what is coming next.

The more into this album you voyage the more the intensity and aggressive appeal comes out like in the song BLACKOUT. A knee tapping beat intertwined with a choppy, edgy sound and vocals that generate an angry, scream appeal. PYRO creates the same feel with more of a rock steady head banging feel.

The one song that stole the show and made me put this band on a pedestal was a song that changed the vibe of the record for a few minutes because it has such a different ambience and appeal then all the other tracks and that would be the song SWAN DIVE SUICIDE. This song is “most delicious” on a musical scoring rate. It has a somber downbeat driven ambience. It’s dark beauty shows a complete new side to the band which overall shows that HAIL THE VILLIAN has so many dimensions, moods and talent that a band like that should be showcased in a higher form starting RIGHT NOW!!!! SOCIAL GRACES ends the CD with a boom, bang and punch to the gut. The intensity shoots back to 11, the song swells with Rock with Roll and high impact!

HAIL THE VILLIAN is my new excitement in 2011!!!!