Murder in the front row, party in the back
September 7th, 2011 at 7:15pm

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If you follow Umlaut, you know that Brian Lew, Bay Area metalhead since the early ’80s, drops incredible bits of metal history like cocaine from Whitney Houston’s fingers. Personal correspondence with Metallica! Photos of Baloff-era Exodus! Slayer at Ruthie’s Inn! And, uh, lots of Green Day live reports.

It’s all too valuable to keep hidden on a blogspot. (The Green Day live reports can stay there, though.) So Bazillion Points has taken the logical and magical step of collecting it into a book. Murder in the Front Row features 272 pages of photos from waaay back in the day by Lew and Harald Oimoen, aka D.R.I.’s bassist. (Some people will always be cooler than us.)

All sorts of thrash dinosaur action is going on right now, and it’s all pretty lame. Who needs stadiums and Coachella when we’ve got non-balding, denim-clad warriors pounding the hell out of stages featuring Slayer and Exodus playing weird-ass instruments like Les Pauls and Stratocasters? ’80s wavy hair is METAL. You can see previews and pre-order the book here.

— Cosmo Lee

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