Feel Never Real – Vs. The Sea Of Disease
October 20th, 2011 at 7:31am




RATING: 7 /10


FEEL NEVER REAL is a band from Texas who has been performing and releasing music since their inception back in 2004. My first taste of them is on VS. THE SEA OF DISEASE, the bands second album. What every rock act needs is that even balance of some gutsy ballsy songs and some lighter softer appeal and this band makes a conscience effort to supply all on this record.

This disc consists of 7 tracks, where I want to begin is with DRUNKSTAR ANTHEM the southern grit is shining bright in this song, this song by far claims the bands stomping grounds; its packed with guitar punch, lyrics about wild nights, wild girls and just has that upbeat and melody driving  foot tapping rock appeal.

LESS HOPELESS has to be my favorite track it creates a different harmony and melody approach from the rest of the album; it displays more layers, provides compelling vocal change ups with active and interesting guitar sounds to make the song a singled out track and captures the more darker and harder rock elements of the band. Plus the semi growls throughout the song made this girl smile wide.

ANYMORE TRUE, with the beautiful piano to introduce this song and the way the melody smoothly creates the base of the song shows what a good ballad is all about. Melodic vocals captivates the storyline and shows a beauty and mesmorizing element that any fan of the softer side of rock will be pleased to listen to.

Another solid track is SEA OF DISEASE, the deep compassion and the rasp and dark vocal approach makes the song a valid rock anthem.

FEEL NEVER REAL isnt doing anything out of the ordinary when it comes to rock music, they do have a good sound, do I feel they will make it to superstardom? Maybe not, but I think they have good qualities and will make a mark around the rock scene of Texas.  If  they experiement out of the box a bit more with their sound they may just make a leaping strive to rockstar status.