Soulicit CD Review
February 23rd, 2012 at 2:12pm




RATING: 8/10

Production by Brett Hesla (Dark New Day, Creed, Virgos Merlot) really put the finishing touches on music that already had that radio friendly rock n roll vibe. SOULICIT  sends your senses into the reality of good times, fun sing along punches and radio friendly approaches; creating a soaring ballad or a pumped up rock anthem. I personally saw some Three Days Grace and Theory of a Deadman kind of vibes throughout the record but the band also puts a flash of their own personality into the sound.  Rock albums are sometimes hard to review at times cause there is not much experimenting you can hear with the sound but what I look for is a killer voice that can get in my soul, memorable songs and captivating moments that make you want to learn more about the songwriting process and the band themselves. My “like” of the record was due to the fact there were moments of intrigue like in GETTING HIGH, with its sinfully real lyrics and that soulful sound that wraps around the entire song really pushes the band onto national stardom level. HELL YEAH the bands single is just that strutty, uplifting drinking song that will get your fist pumping and the booty’s shaking. Another track was BEAUTY QUEEN because when you have sexual undertones in a song it is just that much more alluring and the song has a solid rock vibe and catchy as hell. BLOW ME AWAY is solid also but without the catchy chorus I don’t think it would of blown me away but the track STICKS AND STONES really made a impact on me as a listener, the vocals are melodic and doesn’t use a lot of different levels, the chorus is rememberable and the transition from verse to chorus was so smooth and endearing. Lyrical I love the passion and storyline and for me this song really sums up what I think SOULICIT is really all about.  So take a chance on this new rock band and see if the music moves you like it moved me.`

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