Axl Rose Sure Has Gotten Fat!
March 19th, 2012 at 6:41am

Check out recent photos of Axl Rose compared to that when he was young. He has been doing some eating!


8 Comments to “Axl Rose Sure Has Gotten Fat!”

  1. Fabiana Beghelli says:

    Let’s be sensible … He has over 30 years, time passes for everyone and I would say he is still very good. A man who at 50 yrs still pulls many sighs of fans, this is not for everyone. Axl Rose is still a sex symbol!

  2. Saurav says:

    @Fabina.. Exactly. Axl rocks.. And always will.!

  3. alex says:

    omg. Everyone changes over time. He is not 20 something anymore. People put so much emphasis on weight. Ugh. He looks great and his voice is strong.

  4. CounterBlast says:

    David Lee Roth, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, etc etc. have remained in amazing condition and have been doing this longer then Axl. No Excuses..

  5. B.Goddess says:

    LOL I laughed So Hard!I LOVE AXL 1st met him n 87.He was soooo sweet n very shy.His weight doesnt matter to me…..More to Love ;)
    xo Axl Hope to c u n Cinnci !!!!!Blow Everyone Off The Stage!!!

  6. Lotta Karlsson says:

    He was almost to skinny before, and he has just turned 50, so I think his okay. Well, maybe his face is a little swollen on this pic, but’s not a big deal. I like him a lot

  7. Joe says:

    To me it doesn’t matter if he looks like a pig… Important matter is he can’t sing live.
    Maybe if he leave his ego before steping on the weight, he would be lighter.

  8. clare says:

    For god sake people axl rose is now 50 years old the pics that you lot are puting up is of him at 25-30, we have all got older since then, what the hell do you expect?, i have been a fan for over 20 years and i will tell you now that i still think hes sexy, i have sen him in the flesh and blow me theres no words to explane how sexy he still is, i wouldnt kick him out of bed, and if you women out ther were honist nether would you.

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