Subterranea: Why Norway’s Inferno Fest Is Shaping Up To Be Swell
December 4th, 2013 at 6:45pm

Dimmu Borgir: Extreme icons

Inferno, Oslo’s Subterranea-sponsored, long-running, liver-testing, sleep-depriving and absolutely essential extreme metal festival is due to have its 13th outing from April 16-19 next year, and with more names to be announced it’s already looking like the most varied and thrilling lineup yet.

With long-established acts like Dimmu Borgir and Japan’s Sigh on the bill already, the organisers have also added some of the most talked about bands in the underground right now, with Finland’s psychedelic black metal explorers Oranssi Pazuzu, Germany’s occult death metal denizens Necros Christos and post-metal apocalypticians A Storm Of Light all lined up to blow any brain cells left untouched by your alcohol intake.

Also on the bill are hardcore heroes Hatebreed – an unexpected if inspired choice – Greek metal overlords Rotting Christ, filthy hoodie-clad black metallers Black Witchery and operatic mentalists Fleshgod Apocalypse. Add bands skimmed from the current crème of Nordic metal – Kampfar, Glittertind, Tulus and Tristania, as well as such far-flung extreme metal such as Brazil’s Mystifier and Singapore’s Impiety and we have ourselves one of the most hellish festivals to burn a hole into the extreme metal calendar.

The official hotel is, once more, is the Royal Christiania, a mere few minutes’ stumble to and from the Rockefeller and John Dee venues, and it will be transformed once more from a sedate and elegant place of lodging to a four-day scene of bacchanalian excess, foyers rocking to the constant sound of metal, raucous afterparties and stupendous Scando-breakfasts that serve hungover and grateful punters and artists until midday – all at a special discount.

Check out for tickets and all the latest updates. Skol for faen!

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